Other Words for Role

Role Noun Synonyms: r“le, part, character, impersonation, lines

Other Words for Roll

Roll Noun Synonyms: pass, go, flow, slip, flit, glide, slide, move (on), expire, elapse, disappear, vanish, evaporate
Roll Adjective Synonyms: rotate, cycle, turn (over (and over)), wheel, trundle, revolve, go (a)round, orbit, tumble, somersault or somerset or summersault or summerset
Roll Verb Synonyms: undulate, billow, rise and fall

Other Words for Roll In

Roll In Verb Synonyms: arrive, come in, pour in, flow in, turn up, show up

Other Words for Roll Out

Roll Out Verb Synonyms: flatten, level (off or out), smooth (out), even (out), grade

Other Words for Roll Over

Roll Over Verb Synonyms: turn (over), rotate, spin

Other Words for Roll Up

Roll Up Verb Synonyms: furl, coil, curl, wind (up), wrap (up), enwrap, swathe, enfold, envelop, shroud, enshroud

Other Words for Roller

Roller Noun Synonyms: drum, cylinder, barrel, calender, tube, windlass, rolling-pin, mangle, wringer

Other Words for Romance

Romance Noun Synonyms: (love) affair, amour, affair of the heart, affaire (de coeur or d'amour), liaison, relationship, dalliance, intrigue

Other Words for Romantic

Romantic Verb Synonyms: impractical, visionary, fictitious, unpractical, unrealistic, ideal, abstract, quixotic, chimerical, absurd, extravagant, wild, crackpot, mad
Romantic Noun Synonyms: imaginary, imagined, fictitious, fictional, ideal, idealized, fancied, fabulous, made-up, dreamed-up, dreamt-up, fantasized, fanciful, fairy-tale, mythical, idyllic, Utopian, illusory
Romantic Adjective Synonyms: amorous, affectionate, aroused, impassioned, passionate, libidinous, lustful, over-friendly, lovey-dovey, fresh

Other Words for Room

Room Adjective Synonyms: space, area, scope, extent, allowance, latitude, elbow-room, range, leeway, margin
Room Noun Synonyms: live, lodge, dwell, abide, reside, stay

Other Words for Rooms

Rooms Noun Synonyms: quarters, lodgings, accommodation, flat, dwelling

Other Words for Roomy

Roomy Noun Synonyms: spacious, capacious, commodious, large, sizeable, big, ample

Other Words for Root

Root Verb Synonyms: rootstock, rootstalk, tap root, rootlet, tuber, radix, radicle, radicel, rhizome, rhizomorph
Root Noun Synonyms: base, basis, foundation, source, seat, cause, fountain-head, origin, fount, well-spring

Other Words for Root And Branch

Root And Branch Adjective Synonyms: radically, completely, utterly, entirely, wholly, totally

Other Words for Root For

Root For Verb Synonyms: cheer (for), applaud (for), boost, support, encourage, urge on

Other Words for Root Out

Root Out Noun Synonyms: uproot, eradicate, eliminate, destroy, extirpate, exterminate

Other Words for Rooted

Rooted Verb Synonyms: firm, established, set, fixed, fast, settled, deep-rooted, deep-seated, entrenched, ingrained or engrained, (firmly) embedded or imbedded, implanted, instilled, chronic, inbred, inherent, intrinsic, essential, fundamental, basic, radical

Other Words for Roots

Roots Noun Synonyms: origins, heritage, family, lineage, house, antecedents, forefathers, foremothers, descent, genealogy, family tree, forebears, ancestors, predecessors, stock, pedigree, birthplace, motherland, fatherland, native land or country or soil, cradle

Other Words for Rope

Rope Verb Synonyms: line, cord, cable, hawser, strand, string
Rope Adjective Synonyms: tie, bind, lash, hitch, fasten, secure, tether, attach

Other Words for Rope In

Rope In Noun Synonyms: attract, draw (in), tempt, entice, lure, persuade

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