Other Words for Ropy

Ropy Verb Synonyms: questionable, inadequate, inferior, deficient, indifferent, mediocre, substandard, unsatisfactory, poor, sketchy
Ropy Noun Synonyms: ropey, viscous, stringy, viscid, glutinous, mucilaginous, gluey, gummy, thready, fibrous, filamentous

Other Words for Rostrum

Rostrum Adjective Synonyms: platform, stage, dais, podium, stand, pulpit, lectern, reading-stand

Other Words for Rosy

Rosy Adjective Synonyms: pink, rose-coloured, red, roseate, reddish, pinkish, cherry, cerise, ruddy, flushed, glowing, blushing, ruby, rubicund, florid, rose-red

Other Words for Rot

Rot Adjective Synonyms: waste away, wither away, languish, die, moulder, decline, deteriorate, degenerate, decay, atrophy
Rot Verb Synonyms: (stuff and) nonsense, balderdash, rubbish, bunkum, tommy-rot, twaddle, drivel, hogwash, eyewash, trash, claptrap, bunk, boloney or boloney, bosh, malarkey, moonshine, poppycock, tosh, crap, bull, codswallop, (a load of (old)) cobblers, T
Rot Noun Synonyms: decay, decompose, fester, spoil, go bad or off, be tainted, be ruined, mould, moulder, putrefy, corrode, rust, disintegrate, deteriorate, crumble or go or fall to pieces

Other Words for Rotate

Rotate Verb Synonyms: turn, revolve, go round, spin, gyrate, pirouette, whirl, twirl, wheel, pivot, reel
Rotate Noun Synonyms: change, exchange, alternate, interchange, switch, trade places, take turns, swap or swop

Other Words for Rote

Rote Noun Synonyms: routine, ritual

Other Words for Rotten

Rotten Noun Synonyms: rotted, rusted, corroded, deteriorating, disintegrating, crumbling, crumbly, falling to pieces, friable
Rotten Adjective Synonyms: heinous, evil, vile, base, miserable, despicable, wretched, awful, terrible, horrible, horrific, nasty, contemptible, filthy, mean, low, lousy, stinking, low-down, dirty-rotten
Rotten Verb Synonyms: rotted, decayed, decomposed, decomposing, putrid, putrescent, putrescing, mouldy, mouldering, spoilt or spoiled, mildewed, rancid, fetid or foetid, stale, rank, foul, feculent, tainted, contaminated, festered, festering, corrupt, bad, off, turned, overrip

Other Words for Rotund

Rotund Adjective Synonyms: round(ed), circular, orbicular, globular, spherical

Other Words for Roue

Roue Adjective Synonyms: playboy, womanizer, ladies' man, rake, lecher, Lothario, Don Juan, Romeo, Casanova, charmer, flirt, libertine, debauchee, masher, gay dog, wolf, lady-killer, dirty old man, gash-hound

Other Words for Rough

Rough Adjective Synonyms: uneven, irregular, coarse, jagged, rugged, bumpy, lumpy, broken
Rough Noun Synonyms: brusque, bluff, curt, short, abrupt, unpleasant, churlish, discourteous, impolite, rough-spoken, ungracious, surly, disrespectful, rude, uncouth, loutish, unrefined, uncivil, uncivilized, uncultured, vulgar, unladylike, ungentlemanly, coarse, ill-mannered

Other Words for Rough Out

Rough Out Adjective Synonyms: sketch, draft, mock-up, outline, mark out, trace, block out

Other Words for Rough Up

Rough Up Noun Synonyms: beat (up), thrash, attack, batter, assault, pummel or pommel, lay on, knock about, belabour, lambaste, wallop

Other Words for Rough-House

Rough-House Verb Synonyms: boisterousness, rowdiness, rowdyism, violence, brawling, disorderliness, disorderly conduct, ruffianism

Other Words for Roughly

Roughly Adverb Synonyms: approximately, around, about, nearly
Roughly Noun Synonyms: harshly, unkindly, severely, sternly, unsympathetically, brutally, violently, savagely, inhumanly, mercilessly, unmercifully, ruthlessly, pitilessly, cruelly, heartlessly
Roughly Verb Synonyms: clumsily, rudely, crudely, awkwardly, primitively, inexpertly, amateurishly, maladroitly, heavy-handedly, ineptly, inefficiently, unskillfully, inartistically

Other Words for Round

Round Adverb Synonyms: circular, disc-shaped, discoid, disc-like
Round Preposition Synonyms: around, about, in a circle or ring, on all sides
Round Adjective Synonyms: curved, curvilinear, rounded, arched
Round Noun Synonyms: heat, stage, level, turn
Round Verb Synonyms: about, around, encircling, enclosing, orbiting

Other Words for Round Out

Round Out Noun Synonyms: complete, close, end, bring to an end or completion or a close, finish

Other Words for Round The Twist

Round The Twist Noun Synonyms: mad, crazy, insane, eccentric, daft, round the bend, nuts, nutty, bonkers, cuckoo, batty, off (one's) rocker, barmy or balmy

Other Words for Round Up

Round Up Verb Synonyms: gather, assemble, muster, draw or pull or get together, collect, herd, marshal, (of cattle or horses) corral, wrangle

Other Words for Round-Up

Round-Up Noun Synonyms: summary, synopsis, digest, outline, recapitulation, review, survey, recap
Round-Up Adjective Synonyms: gathering, assembly, rally, collection, herding, (of cattle or horses) corralling, wrangling

Other Words for Roundabout

Roundabout Adjective Synonyms: mini-roundabout, rotary, traffic circle
Roundabout Adverb Synonyms: circuitous, circular, indirect, long

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