Other Words for Rasp

Rasp Adjective Synonyms: grating, scrape, scraping, scratch, scratching, grinding, stridulation
Rasp Noun Synonyms: file, grater

Other Words for Rate

Rate Noun Synonyms: rank, grade, class, classify, evaluate, estimate, calculate, compute, count, reckon, judge, gauge, assess, appraise, measure
Rate Verb Synonyms: measure, pace, gait, speed, velocity, clip

Other Words for Rather

Rather Verb Synonyms: quite, very, somewhat, fairly, moderately, to a certain extent or degree or measure, to some extent or degree or measure, more or less, pretty, slightly, sort of, kind of

Other Words for Ratify

Ratify Adverb Synonyms: approve, sanction, endorse, support, corroborate, uphold, back (up), sustain, establish, validate, substantiate, verify, authenticate, guarantee, warrant, certify, affirm, ensure, clinch, settle

Other Words for Ratio

Ratio Adverb Synonyms: proportion, relationship, correlation, correspondence

Other Words for Ration

Ration Adverb Synonyms: share, quota, allotment, portion, helping, part, provision, measure, dole, percentage, amount
Ration Noun Synonyms: budget, schedule, restrict, control, limit

Other Words for Ration Out

Ration Out Noun Synonyms: allot, apportion, dole (out), give out, distribute, deal out, mete out, parcel out, measure out, hand out

Other Words for Rational

Rational Noun Synonyms: well-balanced, sane, sound, normal, reasonable, reasoning, logical, ratiocinative, clear-headed, clear-eyed, sober, of sound mind, all there
Rational Verb Synonyms: discriminating, intelligent, thinking, enlightened, prudent, wise, knowledgeable, informed

Other Words for Rationale

Rationale Adjective Synonyms: reason, explanation, logical basis, grounds, logic, reasoning, philosophy, principle, theory

Other Words for Rationalize

Rationalize Adjective Synonyms: make plausible or believable or understandable or acceptable or reasonable, make allowance(s) or excuses for, vindicate, account for, justify, excuse, reason away, explain away

Other Words for Rations

Rations Verb Synonyms: supplies, provisions, food, provender, victuals, viands, eatables, edibles, comestibles, commons

Other Words for Rattle

Rattle Adjective Synonyms: clatter
Rattle Verb Synonyms: unnerve, disconcert, discomfit, disturb, perturb, shake, discountenance, upset, agitate, put off, faze
Rattle Noun Synonyms: shake, vibrate, jar, joggle, jiggle

Other Words for Rattle Off

Rattle Off Verb Synonyms: recite, list, utter, reel off, run through, enumerate, call off

Other Words for Rattle On

Rattle On Verb Synonyms: chatter, babble, jabber, gibber, prate, prattle, blabber, cackle, blather, ramble, witter, natter, run off at the mouth

Other Words for Rattletrap

Rattletrap Verb Synonyms: flivver, rattler, jalopy, tin Lizzie, Model T

Other Words for Ratty

Ratty Noun Synonyms: irritable, cross, testy, touchy, annoyed, crabbed, irritated, angry, short-tempered, impatient, disagreeable

Other Words for Raucous

Raucous Noun Synonyms: harsh, rasping, rough, husky, hoarse, grating, scratching, scratchy, discordant, dissonant, jarring, strident, shrill, noisy, loud, ear-splitting, piercing

Other Words for Ravage

Ravage Adjective Synonyms: lay waste, devastate, ruin, destroy, demolish, raze, wreck, wreak havoc (up)on, damage

Other Words for Ravages

Ravages Adjective Synonyms: destruction, damage, depredation(s), devastation, wrecking, ruin, demolition

Other Words for Rave

Rave Noun Synonyms: praise, acclaim, favor, enthusiastic reception, tribute, testimonial, encomium, bouquet, plaudits, accolade, admiration, hosanna
Rave Verb Synonyms: rant, rage, storm, fulminate, roar, thunder, howl, yell, caterwaul, yowl, bellow, shout, scream, fly off the handle, flip one's top or lid, raise hell

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