Other Words for Rebel

Rebel Verb Synonyms: revolutionary, revolutionist, insurgent, insurrrectionist, mutineer, resister, resistance fighter, freedom fighter
Rebel Noun Synonyms: revolt, mutiny, rise up

Other Words for Rebel Against

Rebel Against Noun Synonyms: defy, flout, dare, challenge, disobey, dissent

Other Words for Rebellion

Rebellion Noun Synonyms: insubordination, disobedience, defiance, resistance, rebelliousness, contumacy
Rebellion Verb Synonyms: uprising, revolution, mutiny, insurrection, revolt, insurgence or insurgency

Other Words for Rebellious

Rebellious Noun Synonyms: insubordinate, defiant, mutinous, revolutionary, contumacious, insurgent, insurrectionary, seditious

Other Words for Rebirth

Rebirth Noun Synonyms: renaissance or renascence, revival, renewal, reawakening, resurgence, revitalization, resurrection, regeneration, rejuvenation, restoration, new beginning, reincarnation, metempsychosis, palingenesis

Other Words for Rebound

Rebound Adjective Synonyms: spring back, bounce, recoil, ricochet, resile

Other Words for Rebuff

Rebuff Verb Synonyms: reject, snub, check, deny, repel, drive away, spurn, repulse, refuse, dismiss, defeat, repudiate, slight, ignore, send (someone) to Coventry, give (someone) the cold shoulder, cut, put (someone) down, brush (someone) off, give (someone) the brush-o
Rebuff Noun Synonyms: rejection, snub, check, denial, repulse, refusal, dismissal, defeat, repudiation, slight, discouragement, cold shoulder, cut, put-down, brush-off, brush

Other Words for Rebuke

Rebuke Noun Synonyms: scold, reproach, admonish, reprove, reprimand, lecture, censure, chide, reprehend, berate, castigate, criticize, take to task, upbraid, revile, dress down, bawl out, give (someone) a piece of one's mind, haul (someone) over the coals, let (someone)

Other Words for Rebut

Rebut Verb Synonyms: refute, deny, disprove, confute, invalidate, negate, discredit, belie, contradict, controvert, puncture, expose, destroy, ruin, devastate, shoot full of holes, knock the bottom out of, shoot down, blow sky-high

Other Words for Rebuttal

Rebuttal Verb Synonyms: answer, reply, retort, response, rejoinder, counter-argument, riposte, retaliation, denial, refutation, contradiction, confutation, comeback

Other Words for Recalcitrant

Recalcitrant Noun Synonyms: stubborn, obstinate, wilful, defiant, refractory, headstrong, perverse, contrary, contumacious, mutinous, rebellious, fractious, unruly, unmanageable, ungovernable, uncontrollable, wayward, insubordinate, intractable, unsubmissive, unyielding, unbending,

Other Words for Recall

Recall Noun Synonyms: withdraw, retract, call back, summon
Recall Adjective Synonyms: rescind, cancel, annul, nullify, retract, withdraw, revoke, recant, take back, call back, disavow, disown, deny
Recall Verb Synonyms: remember, recollect, think back to, reminisce over or about, call to mind

Other Words for Recant

Recant Noun Synonyms: recall, forswear, deny, rescind, repudiate, disavow, disclaim, withdraw, revoke, retract, forsake, abandon, apostasize, renounce, abjure, take back

Other Words for Recapitulate

Recapitulate Noun Synonyms: summarize, sum up, repeat, go over (again), reiterate, restate, review, recount, enumerate, recite, relate, list, recap

Other Words for Recede

Recede Noun Synonyms: ebb, subside, fall or go or move back, abate, return, withdraw, retreat, back up
Recede Verb Synonyms: diminish, lessen, decline, dwindle, shrink, wane, fade, become more distant or less likely

Other Words for Receipt

Receipt Verb Synonyms: sales receipt, register receipt, sales slip, ticket, stub, counterfoil, proof of purchase, voucher

Other Words for Receipts

Receipts Verb Synonyms: income, proceeds, gate, takings, gains, return, take

Other Words for Receive

Receive Verb Synonyms: gather, hear, learn, ascertain, be told, be informed or notified of, find out, pick up
Receive Noun Synonyms: get, obtain, come by, collect, take (into one's possession), accept, be given, acquire, come into, inherit, gain, profit, make

Other Words for Recent

Recent Verb Synonyms: late, latest, new, just out, brand-new, fresh, current, modern, up to date, late-model

Other Words for Receptacle

Receptacle Verb Synonyms: container, holder, repository, box, tin, can, case, casket, chest, reliquary, vessel, bag, basket

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