Other Words for Race

Race Adjective Synonyms
sluice, flume, chute, watercourse, course, channel, bed, mill-race, raceway, spillway, track
The water in the race enabled us to wash the sand in order to extract the gold. The ball-bearings don't fall out because they are retained in the race.

Race Noun Synonyms
speed, hurry, hasten, dash, sprint, fly, rush, scramble, step lively, tear, rip, zip, step on the gas, step on it, hop to it, get a move on, hare, get a wiggle on
You're going to have to race to catch the last bus.

stock, line, lineage, type, tribe, nation, people, folk, clan, family
The citizens constitute a mix of all imaginable races.

compete (with)
I'll race you to the gate and back.

foot-race, horse-race, marathon, rally or rallye, competition, contest, rivalry, contention
How many will be running in Saturday's race? Several countries had joined the race to complete a workable anti-gravity device.

Race Verb Synonyms
blood, descent, breed, kin, family, stock, line, lineage
You say you are liberal, but how would you feel about your daughter's marrying someone of a different race.

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