Other Words for Rack

Rack Adjective Synonyms
distress, torment, torture, agonize, oppress, pain, persecute, anguish, beleaguer, plague, harass, harrow, hurt
Gruber was racked by the feeling that he had been responsible for the road accident. Quentin has been racked by the pain of arthritis for ten years.

Rack Noun Synonyms
framework, frame, trestle, holder, support, stand, scaffold, scaffolding, structure, hat-rack, hatstand, coat-rack, stretcher, tenter, hat-tree
The fish are hung out on long racks in the sun to dry. Please take your luggage off the seat and put it on the overhead rack.

beat, strain, wrench, tear at, lash (at), batter, shake, damage
Winds of hurricane force racked villages along the coast last night.

suffering, torment, torture, agony, anguish, pain, misery, distress, affliction, scourge, adversity
Only those who have experienced it can know the severe rack of gout.

More Words for Rack

Beat / Pain / Wrench / Support / Frame / Stand

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