Other Words for Racy

Racy Noun Synonyms
fresh, lively, animated, spirited, sprightly, buoyant, vivacious, energetic, vigorous, dynamic, zestful, stimulating, mettlesome or mettled, full of vim and vigor, peppy, full of pep, full of beans
Tabloid journalists are told that their writing must be racy - straightforward reporting is out of fashion.

spicy, piquant, tasty, flavourful, pungent, strong, savory, sharp, zesty, tangy, tart, hot
That curry you served last night had quite a racy flavor.

risqué, ribald, bawdy, naughty, lusty, earthy, gross, off color, salty, suggestive, sexual, immodest, indelicate, indecent, blue, smutty, lewd, salacious, vulgar, dirty, filthy, pornographic, obscene, sex-oriented, adult, rude, crude, coarse, raunc
By mistake my name got on the mailing list of some company selling racy videos.

More Words for Racy

Hot / Fresh / Rude / Tart / Strong / Dynamic / Filthy / Sharp


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