Other Words for Radiant

Radiant Adjective Synonyms
shining, bright, beaming, burning, ablaze, blazing, brilliant, luminous, resplendent, splendid, splendorous, lustrous, gleaming, glowing, phosphorescent, shimmering, shiny, glossy, glistening, incandescent, alight, effulgent, refulgent, sparkling, dazzlin
In her hair she wore a diamond tiara, a radiant crown whose glory was diminished only by her beauty. The room was radiant with sunshine.

Radiant Noun Synonyms
happy, overjoyed, ecstatic, rapturous, delighted, joyful, blithe, blithesome, blissful, beatific, glad, gleeful, joyous, gay, bubbling, bubbly, jubilant, elated, rhapsodic, exultant, exhilarated, in seventh heaven, in heaven, on cloud nine, ov
Carrie was absolutely radiant when she learned she was pregnant.

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Radiant Intensity

Science / Chemistry / Radiant Intensity: Energy of radiation striking a unit area per unit time. The SI unit of radiant power is J m-2 s-1. MORE

Radiant Heating

Business / Construction / Radiant Heating: A method of heating, usually consisting of a forced hot water system with pipes placed in the floor, wall, or ceiling. Also electrically heated panels. MORE


Technology / Computers / Transparent: Something that occurs without being known to the user. MORE


Science / Biology / Absorption: The process by which the products of digestion are transferred into the bodys internal environment, enabling them to reach the cells. MORE


Science / Weather / Aurora: It is created by the radiant energy emission from the sun and its interaction with the earth's upper atmosphere over the middle and high latitudes. It is seen as a bright display of constantly changin MORE


Science / Geology / Opaque: An adjective used in reference to a substance that does not allow light of visible wavelength to enter or pass through. Minerals with a metallic or submetallic luster are normally opaque. MORE