Other Words for Radiate

Radiate Adjective Synonyms
emanate, disseminate, disperse, spread, diffuse, shed, send out, emit, give off or out, irradiate
He radiated goodwill the way a fire radiates heat and light.

Radiate Noun Synonyms
shine, beam, burn, blaze, gleam, glow, shimmer, glisten, sparkle, dazzle, glitter, coruscate, scintillate, twinkle
The jewel seemed to radiate with an inner light.

More Words for Radiate

Shimmer / Spread / Shine / Dazzle


Science / Biology / Absorption: The process by which the products of digestion are transferred into the bodys internal environment, enabling them to reach the cells. MORE


Entertainment / Bowling / Light: A hit on the pins that is not full; too much right or left of center. MORE


Entertainment / Photography / Thermography: Recording images by means of the heat radiated from the subject. MORE

Orb Web

Science / Spiders / Orb Web: A two-dimensional web, roughly circular in design (and, strictly speaking, a misnomer). Silk threads radiate like spokes from a central hub. These are then overlaid with a spiral of silk, running from MORE

Amplified Gain

Technology / Television (TV) / Amplified Gain: Gain is the ratio of the amount of power you can reach in one direction from the antenna to the amount of power that would be generated if the power radiated equally in all directions from the antenna MORE

Douglas Fir

Life Style / Christmas Trees / Douglas Fir: Douglas-fir is not related to the true firs. This wide ranging species grows from 70 to 250 feet tall. The branches are spreading to drooping, the buds sharply pointed and the bark is very thick, flut MORE