Other Words for Radio

Radio Adjective Synonyms
receiver, portable (radio), crystal set, wireless, transistor, ghetto-blaster, tranny or trannie, boom box
He listens to BBC World Service on his short-wave radio.

Radio Noun Synonyms
transmit, broadcast, air, disseminate, announce, present
Weather reports are radioed continuously to ships at sea and aircraft.

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Science / Biology / Radioisotope: Term applied to a radioactive isotope, such as carbon-14 or uranium 238. Radioisotope nuclei are unstable and spontaneously breakdown and emit one of a number of types of radiation. MORE


Science / Weather / Radiosonde: An instrument attached to a weather balloon used to measure pressure, temperature, humidity, and winds aloft. Observations are made when the radiosonde is aloft and emits radio signals as it ascends. MORE


Science / Geology / Radiolarian: A group of one-celled marine animals with a siliceous skeleton that occupies shallow portions of the water column. Radiolarians have a range from Cambrian to present. MORE


Science / Geology / Radiolarite: The lithified sedimentary rock formed from radiolarian ooze. MORE

Satellite Radio

Technology / Home Audio / Satellite Radio: Digital radio transmission system that utilizes satellites in space to broadcast directly to ground based and mobile receivers. Two existing networks, Sirius and XM offer hundreds of channels of diver MORE

Radiometric Time

Science / Biology / Radiometric Time: Type of absolute time determined by the relative porportions of radioisotopes to stable daughter isotopes. MORE