Other Words for Reminisce

Reminisce Verb Synonyms
remember, recollect, think back, look back, turn one's mind or thoughts back, call to mind, hark back, return
Most of the time we just sit about and reminisce. The other day we were reminiscing about the time Alex was arrested for shoplifting.

Cserszegi Fuszeres

Life Style / Wine Grapes / Cserszegi Fuszeres: Hungarian cross derived from Irsai Olivér and Piros Tramini 1960 varieties (the latter variety appears to be a specific Traminer Rot clone according to the Geilweilerhof database above). Flowering ea MORE


Life Style / Wine Grapes / Dolcetto: Well-known grape widely grown in Piedmont region of Italy. Has synonym name Nera Dolce, meaning 'Sweet Black' in english. The latter name also translates to 'Douce Noire' in french, thought to be the MORE


Life Style / Wine Grapes / Drupeggio: Variety grown in the Orvieta DOC, Umbria, Italy. Has synonym names Drupeccio and Lupeccio. Usually the wine from this grape is blended with several others, eg. Verdello and Greco Bianco, to create the MORE


Life Style / Wine Grapes / Glenora: Derived from an Ontario x Russian Seedless cross. Vigorous, winter hardy to about -15 deg. F (-26 C). Variety reported as suitable for growing in Maine, USA. Reported to be subject to bouts of 'miller MORE


Life Style / Wine Grapes / Cornalin: (a.k.a Rouge du Pays). Vigorous ancient variety grown in the Valais canton of Switzerland and used to produce rich, plummy, concentrated red wine claimed by some to be reminiscent of french central Rh MORE

Catarrato Bianco

Life Style / Wine Grapes / Catarrato Bianco: Variety native to Sicily where it is found widely grown along the western coast. Usually blended with Grillo and the Inzolia white wines to create versions of historically interesting 'Marsala' wine i MORE