Other Words for Remittance

Remittance Noun Synonyms
payment, settlement: allowance, consideration
Remittance was made regularly on the tenth of the month. He lives on remittances he receives from home.

Private Unrequited Transfers

Business / Finance / Private Unrequited Transfers: Resident immigrant workers' remittances to their country of origin as well as, e.g., gifts, dowries, inheritances, prizes, charitable contributions. MORE

Denied Claim

Health / Dentistry / Denied Claim: Claims that are not issued a bank draft/remittance due to a specific reason code. MORE

Tax Codes

Business / Debt / Tax Codes: Under the PAYE system of taxing income, tax codes are allocated annually to employees. These codes enable the employer to deduct tax at the correct rate from salaries or wages on a monthly (or weekly) MORE