Other Words for Remove

Remove Noun Synonyms
take off, doff, shed, cast off
Gentlemen are requested to remove their hats in her presence.

obliterate, delete, erase, expunge, eradicate, efface, eliminate, take off, wipe or rub out, wipe or rub off, get rid of
Use chemicals to remove the graffiti from the wall.

take away, get rid of, carry away or off, shift, transfer
When I arrived this morning, my desk had been removed. The threat of war has been removed. Kindly remove your elbows from the table.

Remove Verb Synonyms
take out, unfasten, detach, disconnect, separate, undo
They have to remove the transmission to overhaul it.

relocate, move, transfer, shift
I removed to a quieter place where I could write in peace.

discharge, dismiss, depose, unseat, displace, expel, oust, turn out, get rid of, purge, fire, sack, kick out
Andrews must be removed from his job before he does any more harm.

distance, space, interval, separation
They tried to keep the girls and the boys at some remove from one another.

murder, assassinate, kill, slay, execute, exterminate, eliminate, liquidate, eradicate, massacre, slaughter, do away with, dispose of, get rid of, purge, rub or wipe out, do in, bump off, waste
We brought in some of the boys to remove the competition.

More Words for Remove

Slaughter / Separate / Murder / Fire / Waste / Move / Kill / Sack


Life Style / Painting / Removers: Substances used to soften old varnish or paint so they may be removed easily. MORE

Paint Remover

Life Style / Painting / Paint Remover: A compound that softens old paint or varnish and permits scraping off the loosened material. MORE

Recovered Or Removed Category

Health / Disease / Recovered Or Removed Category: Individuals in the SIR model who were infected by the disease but are no longer infectious by virtue of their recovery and immunity or death. MORE

Rapid Rectilinear

Entertainment / Photography / Rapid Rectilinear: Lens system composed of two matching doublet lenses, symmetrically placed around the focal aperture. It was introduced by dallmeyer and sternheil and removed many of the aberrations present in more si MORE

Sodium Thiosulfate

Entertainment / Photography / Sodium Thiosulfate: Chemical used in many fixing solutions. It converts unused halides to a soluble complex which can be removed by washing. MORE

Polarizing Filter

Entertainment / Photography / Polarizing Filter: Colorless gray filter made from stressed glass. Polarizing filters are used over light sources or camera lenses to reduce or remove specular reflection from certain types of surfaces. MORE