Other Words for Reverse

Reverse Adjective Synonyms
alter, change, modify, renounce, recant, take back
Reverse the polarity of the wiring. I reversed my opinion after hearing her sing.

Reverse Noun Synonyms
opposite, contrary, inverse, converse, inverted, upside down, mirror, reversed, backward
Now try turning the wheel in the reverse direction. What appears on the retina is a reverse image, which the brain inverts.

invert, overturn, turn upside down, turn topsy-turvy, turn over, up-end, exchange, change, interchange, transpose
Using your finger to keep the mercury from running out, reverse the tube in the dish of mercury. Perhaps the car will start if you reverse the leads to the battery.

overturn, overthrow, upset, set aside, quash, override, annul, nullify, vacate, abandon, revoke, negate, veto, declare null and void, disaffirm, invalidate, cancel, repeal, rescind, overrule, countermand, undo
The superior tribunal reversed the decision of the lower-court judge.

Reverse Verb Synonyms
back, rear, wrong side, verso, underside, flip side, B-side, tail side
Read what it says on the reverse.

set-back, disappointment, misfortune, reversal, mishap, misadventure, trouble, problem, difficulty, vicissitude, adversity, defeat, disaster, catastrophe, d‚bacle, rout, washout
We suffered a temporary reverse or two in business, but we're all right now. United suffered a humiliating reverse against Wanderers in the cup last week.

back up, move or go backwards or also backward, backtrack, make sternway
You will be in the right spot if you reverse a yard or two.

opposite, contrary, converse, antithesis
Whatever she tells you, I suggest you do the reverse.

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Science / Biology / Reverse Transcription: Process of transcribing a single-stranded DNA from a single-stranded RNA (the reverse of transcription); used by retroviruses as well as in biotechnology. MORE

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