Other Words for See About

See About Verb Synonyms: see to, attend to, look after, take care or charge of, look to, organize, manage, do, undertake, sort out, think about, consider, give some thought to, pay attention or heed to

Other Words for See Off

See Off Verb Synonyms: bid adieu or bon voyage

Other Words for See Through

See Through Verb Synonyms: penetrate, detect, perceive, be wise to

Other Words for See To It

See To It Verb Synonyms: ensure, assure, make sure or certain, mind, be vigilant

Other Words for See-Saw

See-Saw Adjective Synonyms: teeter

Other Words for See-Through

See-Through Verb Synonyms: sheer, diaphanous, gauzy, transparent, translucent, gossamer, filmy, peekaboo

Other Words for Seed

Seed Noun Synonyms: scatter, sow, distribute
Seed Verb Synonyms: grain, spore, kernel, pit, tuber, bulb, corm, ovum, ovule, embryo, egg, germ

Other Words for Seedy

Seedy Noun Synonyms: shabby, dilapidated, worn (out), decayed, deteriorated, run-down, broken-down, mangy, grubby, decaying, tatty, scruffy, squalid, sleazy, ratty

Other Words for Seeing

Seeing Verb Synonyms: in view of (the fact that), whereas, in (the) light of, inasmuch as, since, considering

Other Words for Seek

Seek Adjective Synonyms: look (for), search (for), hunt (for), go or be after, quest after, pursue
Seek Conjunction Synonyms: ask for, request, beg, solicit, invite, demand

Other Words for Seem

Seem Verb Synonyms: appear, look (as if or non-standard in like), sound, feel, have (all) the hallmarks or earmarks of, give every indication or appearance of

Other Words for Seeming

Seeming Verb Synonyms: apparent, evident, ostensible, outward, superficial, surface, assumed, feigned, pretended, false, so-called, alleged, specious, purported, professed

Other Words for Seemingly

Seemingly Verb Synonyms: apparently, evidently, ostensibly, outwardly, superficially, falsely, allegedly, speciously, purportedly, professedly, on the face of it, possibly, feasibly, conceivably, plausibly, believably

Other Words for Seemly

Seemly Adjective Synonyms: decent, decorous, proper, dignified, genteel, gentlemanly, ladylike, diplomatic, discreet, prudent, politic
Seemly Verb Synonyms: proper, fitting, appropriate, becoming, suited, suitable, fit, befitting, apt, comme il faut, right, apropos, apposite, characteristic, meet, reasonable, sensible

Other Words for Seer

Seer Adverb Synonyms: soothsayer, fortune-teller, sibyl, oracle, prophet, prophetess, augur, vaticinator, prophesier, clairvoyant, psychic, crystal-gazer, star-gazer

Other Words for Seethe

Seethe Noun Synonyms: boil, stew, simmer, foam

Other Words for Segment

Segment Verb Synonyms: section, part, division, portion, component, element, piece, fraction, fragment, length, joint, slice, wedge

Other Words for Segregate

Segregate Adjective Synonyms: separate, segment, partition, isolate, seclude, sequester, set apart, compartmentalize, exclude, ostracize, discriminate against

Other Words for Segregation

Segregation Noun Synonyms: separation, segmentation, partition, isolation, seclusion, sequestration, setting apart, compartmentalization, exclusion, ostracism, discrimination, apartheid, Jim Crowism

Other Words for Seize

Seize Noun Synonyms: catch, transfix, stop, hold, possess, take possession of, afflict, beset, visit, subject
Seize Verb Synonyms: grab, grasp, clutch, take (hold of), grip, snatch

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