Other Words for Separate

Separate Adjective Synonyms: fork, split (up or off), bifurcate, diverge, branch
Separate Verb Synonyms: divided, separated, disjoined, disconnected, detached, isolated, discrete, distinct, individual, independent, solitary, different
Separate Noun Synonyms: disjoin, pull or take or break apart, come or fall apart, fall or take or break to pieces, split or divide or break (up), split or break (off or away), disconnect, disengage, part, partition, sort (out), uncouple, disarticulate, disassemble, unhook, detac

Other Words for Separately

Separately Adjective Synonyms: individually, independently, singly, one by one, one at a time, personally, alone, severally

Other Words for Separation

Separation Adjective Synonyms: rift, break, split, split-up, divorce, break-up, disunion, estrangement
Separation Adverb Synonyms: disintegration, shattering, break-up, fragmentation, dismemberment, taking or keeping apart, segregation, division, disjoining, disjunction, fission, scission, rupture, schism, splitting, split, fracturing, fracture, break

Other Words for Sepulcher

Sepulcher Noun Synonyms: tomb, mausoleum, burial-vault, grave, crypt, pyramid, burial-place

Other Words for Sequel

Sequel Noun Synonyms: follow-up, upshot, issue, result, consequence, development, supplement

Other Words for Sequence

Sequence Noun Synonyms: succession, progression, order, series, chain, string, course, cycle, arrangement, organization, train, line, set, run, concatenation, system

Other Words for Sequential

Sequential Noun Synonyms: successive, ordered, orderly, serial, progressive, organized, systematic, cyclic, continuous

Other Words for Seraphic

Seraphic Noun Synonyms: angelic, celestial, divine, heavenly, blissful, sublime, empyrean, Elysian, ethereal, holy, saintly, godly

Other Words for Serene

Serene Noun Synonyms: peaceful, tranquil, calm, pacific, peaceable, restful, halcyon, idyllic, bucolic, pastoral, undisturbed, unruffled, imperturbable, unperturbed, untroubled, quiet, still
Serene Adjective Synonyms: calm, cool, collected, placid, composed, self-possessed, poised, unexcitable, even-tempered, temperate, nonchalant, easygoing, cool-headed, easy, unflappable

Other Words for Serenity

Serenity Adjective Synonyms: peacefulness, peace, tranquillity, calm, calmness, restfulness, quiet, stillness

Other Words for Serious

Serious Noun Synonyms: grave, important, vital, dangerous, weighty, significant, momentous, crucial, consequential, life-and-death or life-or-death, urgent, pressing, no laughing matter, of consequence or moment or importance
Serious Adjective Synonyms: grave, solemn, earnest, unsmiling, poker-faced, straight-faced, sedate, sober, pensive, thoughtful, humourless, sombre, grim, dour, severe

Other Words for Seriously

Seriously Adjective Synonyms: gravely, badly, severely, critically

Other Words for Sermon

Sermon Adverb Synonyms: lecture, lesson, preaching, reprimand, reproach, reproof, remonstration, remonstrance, scolding, harangue, talking-to, dressing-down

Other Words for Serpentine

Serpentine Adverb Synonyms: evil, bad, diabolical, satanic, Mephistophelian, reptilian, devilish, wily, cunning, conniving, sneaky, shrewd, artful, crafty, slick, sly, insidious, shifty, tricky, scheming, plotting, Machiavellian
Serpentine Noun Synonyms: twisting, winding, tortuous, snaking, snakelike, sinuous, anfractuous, roundabout, meandering, ambagious, indirect, devious, crooked, labyrinthine, vermicular, vermiculate, complex, complicated, Byzantine

Other Words for Serrated

Serrated Noun Synonyms: sawlike, saw-shaped, sawtoothed, toothed, notched, zigzag, jagged, serrate, serriform, serratiform, serrulate(d), crenellated, crenulate, crenate, denticulate

Other Words for Serried

Serried Adjective Synonyms: ranked, tiered, row on row, ranged, assembled, packed, close, compacted, compact

Other Words for Servant

Servant Adjective Synonyms: domestic (servant), help, retainer, maid, maidservant, parlour-maid, upstairs maid, lady's maid, cleaner, cleaning man, cleaning woman, amah, housekeeper, chatelaine, major-domo, factotum, steward, seneschal, butler, houseman, houseboy, boy, page, valet,

Other Words for Serve

Serve Verb Synonyms: be convenient or opportune or favourable (to)
Serve Adjective Synonyms: attend (to), wait on or upon, minister to, look after (the needs of), be at (someone's) beck and call, assist, help, be of assistance or help, be in the service of, oblige, accommodate, gratify
Serve Noun Synonyms: distribute, deal out, dole out, give out, present, set out, provide, supply, offer, pass out or about or around, make available, come (a)round with, dish up or out

Other Words for Service

Service Verb Synonyms: help, assistance, aid,efulness, utility, benefit, advantage
Service Noun Synonyms: assignment, post, appointment, secondment

Other Words for Serviceable

Serviceable Noun Synonyms: workable, working, functional, functioning,able,eful, operative, operating

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