Other Words for Services

Services Noun Synonyms: army, navy, air force, marines, armed forces or services, military

Other Words for Servile

Servile Noun Synonyms: submissive, subservient, menial, craven, acquiescent, abject, cringing, slavish, mean, fawning, deferential, mean-spirited, vile, low, base, ingratiating, groveling, obsequious, toadying, toadyish, sycophantish, sycophantic, truckling, wheedling, unctuous

Other Words for Servility

Servility Adjective Synonyms: submissiveness, submission, subservience, servileness, acquiescence, abjectness, abjection, cringing, slavishness, meanness, fawning, mean-spiritedness, vileness, baseness, groveling, obsequiousness, obsequence, toadying, toadyism, sycophancy, sycophantis

Other Words for Servitude

Servitude Adjective Synonyms: bondage, slavery, thraldom, serfdom, subjugation, enslavement, subjection, vassalage

Other Words for Session

Session Noun Synonyms: term, period
Session Adjective Synonyms: sitting, seating, assembly, conference, meeting, hearing

Other Words for Set

Set Verb Synonyms: establish, fix, fasten on, appoint
Set Noun Synonyms: set down, place, put, situate, locate, site, plant, position, station, stand, lay, install or instal, lodge, mount, park, deposit, plump, drop, plunk or plonk (down)

Other Words for Set About

Set About Verb Synonyms: get or make ready, start, begin, get to work, set in motion, get under way, start the ball rolling, break the ice, undertake, launch, tackle, address oneself to, enter upon, get cracking

Other Words for Set Against

Set Against Verb Synonyms: compare, evaluate, rate, balance, weigh, juxtapose, contrast

Other Words for Set Apart

Set Apart Verb Synonyms: distinguish, separate, differentiate

Other Words for Set Aside

Set Aside Verb Synonyms: annul, cancel, nullify, declare or render null and void, reverse, repudiate, abrogate, quash, overturn, overrule, discard

Other Words for Set Back

Set Back Verb Synonyms: put back, hinder, slow, hold up, retard, delay, impede, obstruct, stay, thwart, frustrate, inhibit

Other Words for Set Down

Set Down Verb Synonyms: write (down), put in writing, put down, record, register, mark or jot down, list

Other Words for Set Forth

Set Forth Verb Synonyms: express, voice, propose, propound, state, offer, submit, suggest, broach, make a motion, move

Other Words for Set In

Set In Verb Synonyms: begin, become established, arrive, come

Other Words for Set Off

Set Off Verb Synonyms: ignite, kindle, detonate, light, touch off, trigger, trip

Other Words for Set On

Set On Verb Synonyms: set upon, attack, assault, pounce on or upon, fall on or upon, fly at

Other Words for Set Store By

Set Store By Verb Synonyms: give credence to, believe (in), have faith or trust in, trust (in), bank or rely on, depend on or upon, count on, value

Other Words for Set Up

Set Up Verb Synonyms: build, put up, erect, assemble, construct, raise, elevate, put together, arrange, prepare

Other Words for Set Upon

Set Upon Verb Synonyms: attack, assault, ambush, beat up, fall upon, set about mug

Other Words for Set-Back

Set-Back Adjective Synonyms: hindrance, hitch, check, reverse, reversal, impediment, block, obstruction, defeat, hold-up, delay, check, rebuff, upset, relapse, hiccup

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