Other Words for Set-Up

Set-Up Noun Synonyms: arrangement, system, organization, layout, regime, structure, make-up, composition, framework, frame, construction, conditions, circumstances

Other Words for Setting

Setting Adjective Synonyms: mounting, scenery, background, backdrop, locale, location, surroundings, habitat, home, environs, environment, milieu, frame, context, site, placement, stage set or setting, mise en scŠne, scene

Other Words for Settle

Settle Verb Synonyms: light, alight, land, come down, put down, set down, (come to) rest or (roost), descend, perch
Settle Adjective Synonyms: arrange, order, dispose, organize, straighten out, put in or into order, compose, sort out, classify, coordinate, resolve, set to rights, reconcile

Other Words for Settle Down

Settle Down Noun Synonyms: take up residence, go or come or move to, dwell, reside, make one's home, abide, remain, stay, live, set up home or house,put down roots, locate, inhabit, set up housekeeping, locate
Settle Down Verb Synonyms: calm down, subside, quiet down, be or become tranquil, quieten (down)

Other Words for Settle On

Settle On Noun Synonyms: fix (on), decide (on), establish, appoint, set, confirm, affirm, conclude, make sure or certain (of), determine, agree (upon or on), pick, choose, select

Other Words for Settle Out

Settle Out Verb Synonyms: gravitate, sink, fall, precipitate (out)

Other Words for Settle Up

Settle Up Verb Synonyms: pay, square, dispose of, clear, balance, liquidate, discharge

Other Words for Settlement

Settlement Verb Synonyms: colony, outpost, post, camp, community, encampment, village, hamlet
Settlement Noun Synonyms: payment, defrayal, discharge, liquidation, satisfaction, settling, quittance, clearing, clearance

Other Words for Settler

Settler Noun Synonyms: colonist, frontiersman, frontierswoman, pioneer, immigrant

Other Words for Sever

Sever Noun Synonyms: cut off or apart or in two, lop or chop or hew or hack off, slice or shear off, cleave, dock, bob, dissever, split, separate, divide, disjoin, detach, disconnect

Other Words for Several

Several Noun Synonyms: some, a few, not too or very many, a handful or a sprinkling or a number of
Several Verb Synonyms: various, sundry, a variety of, diverse, divers, different, respective, individual, distinct, disparate, particular, certain, specific, discrete, dissimilar

Other Words for Severe

Severe Verb Synonyms: strict, harsh, rigorous, austere, hard, stony, stony-hearted, hard-hearted, flinty, inexorable, iron-handed, oppressive, unbending, rigid, uncompromising, relentless, unyielding, obdurate, pitiless, punitive, merciless, unsympathetic, unfeeling, cruel, br
Severe Adjective Synonyms: stern, forbidding, dour, glowering, grave, grim, stiff, strait-laced, serious, unsmiling, sober, cold, frigid, aloof, austere

Other Words for Severely

Severely Adverb Synonyms: stringently, punitively, harshly, onerously, grievously, painfully
Severely Adjective Synonyms: acutely, seriously, badly, dangerously, dreadfully, permanently, fully, entirely

Other Words for Severity

Severity Adverb Synonyms: strictness, harshness, rigour, rigorousness, austerity, hardness, flintiness, inexorability, inexorableness, stringency, oppression, oppressiveness, rigidity, inflexibility, relentlessness, obduracy, obdurateness, pitilessness, mercilessness, cold-blooded
Severity Noun Synonyms: stringency, punitiveness, punishment, harshness, onerousness, grievousness, painfulness, burdensomeness, oppressiveness

Other Words for Sew

Sew Noun Synonyms: sew up, stitch, darn, mend, repair, sew on, attach, fasten, tack, baste, hem

Other Words for Sex

Sex Noun Synonyms: gender

Other Words for Sexual

Sexual Verb Synonyms: sex, reproductive, genital, procreative or procreant, sex, progenitive, propagative
Sexual Noun Synonyms: sensual, sensuous, erotic, carnal, fleshly, voluptuous, libidinous, earthy, bodily, physical, lustful, animal, sexy

Other Words for Sexy

Sexy Noun Synonyms: erotic, arousing, exciting, sensual, sensuous, seductive, suggestive, provocative, inviting, alluring, bedroom, flirtatious, appealing, fascinating, striking, tempting, captivating, enchanting, stunning, come-hither
Sexy Adjective Synonyms: sex, dirty, pornographic, obscene, filthy, smutty, lewd, foul, lascivious, indecent, explicit, gross, X-rated, vulgar, rude, coarse, off color, risqué, titillating, bawdy, ribald, lusty, immodest, rough, indelicate, suggestive, unseemly, improper, indecor

Other Words for Shabby

Shabby Adjective Synonyms: worn, dingy, faded, worn out, threadbare, tatty, tattered, frayed, raggedy, ragged, scruffy, dilapidated, ratty, dirty, bedraggled, mangy, run-down, seedy, (much) the worse for wear, down at heel, down at the heel(s), grubby, scrubby, gungy

Other Words for Shack

Shack Adjective Synonyms: hut, hovel, shanty, cabin, lean-to, dump

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