Other Words for Shackle

Shackle Noun Synonyms: chain, fetter, manacle, handcuff, bind, restrain, tie, secure, truss, pinion, tether

Other Words for Shackles

Shackles Adjective Synonyms: fetter(s), leg-iron(s), chains, iron(s), bilboes, gyve(s), ball and chain, manacle(s), handcuff(s), restraint(s), bond(s), trammel(s), cuff(s), bracelet(s), darbies

Other Words for Shade

Shade Verb Synonyms: tint, tinge, tone, color, hue, intensity
Shade Noun Synonyms: shadow, shadiness, dimness, duskiness, semi-darkness, gloominess, murkiness, dusk, gloom, murk, darkness, obscurity, shades

Other Words for Shades

Shades Noun Synonyms: sun-glasses

Other Words for Shadow

Shadow Noun Synonyms: cloud, blight, curse
Shadow Verb Synonyms: darkness, gloom, dimness, dusk, obscurity

Other Words for Shadowy

Shadowy Adjective Synonyms: indistinct, indefinite, questionable, doubtful, uncertain, unreliable, suspicious, suspect, dubious, shifty, disreputable, devious, tricky, slippery, underhand(ed), unethical, unscrupulous, dishonorable, dishonest, fishy, crooked, bent, not (strict
Shadowy Noun Synonyms: dark, shady, bowery, leafy, shaded, gloomy, dusky, dim, bosky
Shadowy Verb Synonyms: spectral, ghostly, phantom, phantasmal, wraithlike, phantasmagoric(al), illusory, dreamlike, imaginary, visionary, chimerical, hallucinatory, unreal, unsubstantial, fleeting, impalpable, transitory, ethereal, immaterial

Other Words for Shaft

Shaft Adjective Synonyms: pole, rod, staff, stick, stem, shank, handle, helve, pillar, column, post, stanchion, upright
Shaft Noun Synonyms: mine-shaft, tunnel, adit, well, pit, air-shaft, duct, flue

Other Words for Shaggy

Shaggy Noun Synonyms: hairy, woolly, unkempt, unshorn, uncut, hirsute, dishevelled, matted, untidy

Other Words for Shake

Shake Noun Synonyms: quiver, quake, shudder, waver, wobble, tremble, shiver
Shake Adjective Synonyms: weaken, undermined, impair, harm, damage, discourage, disenchant, disappoint, disaffect
Shake Verb Synonyms: wave, brandish, flourish, display, show off, parade, exhibit, vaunt, waggle, flap, flutter

Other Words for Shake A Leg

Shake A Leg Noun Synonyms: hurry (up), hasten, rush, get going or moving or cracking, look alive or lively

Other Words for Shake Down

Shake Down Verb Synonyms: break in, condition, test, prove, debug

Other Words for Shake Off

Shake Off Verb Synonyms: get rid of, discard, dislodge, drop, brush off, elude, evade, lose, throw off, rid oneself of, give the slip to

Other Words for Shake Up

Shake Up Verb Synonyms: agitate, stir (up), mix (up), upset, distress, frighten, scare, shock, disturb, unnerve, unsettle, disconcert, discomfit, worry, fluster, disquiet, confound, confuse, perplex, puzzle, rattle, get to, throw (for a loop)

Other Words for Shake-Up

Shake-Up Noun Synonyms: reorganization, rearrangement, overhaul, revamp, restructuring, rehabilitation, make-over, realignment

Other Words for Shaky

Shaky Noun Synonyms: uncertain, wobbly, unstable, precarious, unsound, flimsy, weak, unsteady, unsupported, unsubstantiated, undependable, unreliable, tenuous, untrustworthy, dubious, questionable, doubtful, iffy

Other Words for Shallow

Shallow Noun Synonyms: surface, skin-deep, superficial, thin, empty, flimsy, trivial, unimportant, slight, frivolous, idle, foolish

Other Words for Shallows

Shallows Adjective Synonyms: shoal(s), sand bar, sandbank, bank, shelf

Other Words for Sham

Sham Adjective Synonyms: fake, fraud, counterfeit, imitation, hoax, humbug, pretence, forgery, copy, imposture, phony

Other Words for Shambles

Shambles Adjective Synonyms: chaos, devastation, mess, disaster, stables, pigsty, muddle, pigpen

Other Words for Shambling

Shambling Noun Synonyms: shuffling, lumbering, dragging, scuttling, awkward, clumsy, lurching, unsteady, faltering

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