Other Words for Sail Near To The Wind

Sail Near To The Wind Noun Synonyms: take risks, throw caution to the winds, play with fire, skate on thin ice, take (one's) life in (one's) hands, stick (one's) neck out, go for broke

Other Words for Sailor

Sailor Verb Synonyms: seaman, seafarer, seafaring man or woman, seagoing man or woman, mariner, (old) salt, sea dog, bluejacket, shellback, yachtsman, yachtswoman, boatman, boatwoman, deck-hand, captain, skipper, Jack Tar, tar, Naval swab, swabbie, gob

Other Words for Saintly

Saintly Verb Synonyms: holy, blessed, blest, beatific, godly, sainted, angelic, seraphic, pure, righteous, virtuous, blameless

Other Words for Sake

Sake Noun Synonyms: benefit, welfare, well-being, good, advantage, behalf, profit, gain, account

Other Words for Salary

Salary Adjective Synonyms: income, pay, earnings, compensation, remuneration, emolument, wage(s)

Other Words for Sale

Sale Noun Synonyms: selling, traffic, vending, marketing, trafficking, trading, trade, exchange, transaction

Other Words for Salesperson

Salesperson Noun Synonyms: salesman, saleswoman, saleslady, salesgirl, sales-clerk, clerk, shop-girl, shop assistant, counter-jumper

Other Words for Salient

Salient Noun Synonyms: conspicuous, outstanding, pronounced, noticeable, prominent, significant, important, marked, impressive, striking, remarkable, distinguishing, distinctive, unique, eminent, noteworthy, notable, principal, chief, primary

Other Words for Salt

Salt Adjective Synonyms: (Attic) wit, Attic salt, dry humour, sarcasm
Salt Verb Synonyms: pickled, kippered, marinated, soused, corned, cured
Salt Noun Synonyms: common or table salt, sodium chloride, sea salt, rock-salt

Other Words for Salt Away

Salt Away Noun Synonyms: save (up), hoard, put or lay or set by or aside, squirrel away, store up, stockpile, amass, accumulate, pile up, stash away, sock away

Other Words for Salute

Salute Verb Synonyms: greet, hail, address, accost
Salute Adjective Synonyms: greeting, address, salutation

Other Words for Salvage

Salvage Adjective Synonyms: save, recover, rescue, redeem, deliver, retrieve, reclaim
Salvage Verb Synonyms: recovery, rescue, retrieval, redemption, deliverance, reclamation, salvation

Other Words for Salve

Salve Noun Synonyms: balm, ointment, unguent, dressing, cream, lotion, demulcent, embrocation, liniment
Salve Verb Synonyms: emollient, balm, palliative, tranquillizer, opiate, anodyne, narcotic, relief, assuagement

Other Words for Same

Same Noun Synonyms: identical, exact (same), selfsame, very

Other Words for Sample

Sample Adjective Synonyms: specimen, example, representative, representation, illustration, sampling, sampler, cross-section, swatch, bite, nibble, taste

Other Words for Sanatorium

Sanatorium Noun Synonyms: rest-home, convalescent home, nursing home, clinic, health farm, also sanitarium

Other Words for Sanctify

Sanctify Adjective Synonyms: purify, cleanse
Sanctify Noun Synonyms: confirm, sanction, ratify, justify, legitimate, legitimatize or legitimize, legalize, license
Sanctify Verb Synonyms: consecrate, hallow, make sacred or holy, glorify, exalt, canonize, enshrine, Rom Cath Ch beatify

Other Words for Sanctimonious

Sanctimonious Verb Synonyms: hypocritical, self-righteous, canting, mealy-mouthed, holier-than-thou, Pharisaical, pietistic, unctuous, Tartuffian, goody-goody, smarmy pi

Other Words for Sanction

Sanction Noun Synonyms: ban, penalty, punishment, retribution, discipline, retaliation, redress
Sanction Verb Synonyms: confirmation, ratification, secondment, authorization, legalization, legitimatization or legitimization, validation, license, certification, approval, permission, imprimatur, seal or stamp (of approval), signet
Sanction Adjective Synonyms: agreement, concurrence, acceptance, affirmation, assent, acquiescence, compliance, approval, OK, okay

Other Words for Sanctity

Sanctity Noun Synonyms: piety, holiness, saintliness, divinity, grace, sacredness, godliness, devotion, dedication

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