Other Words for Shame

Shame Adjective Synonyms: embarrassment, humiliation, mortification, chagrin, ignominy, shamefacedness, loss of face, abashment
Shame Noun Synonyms: disgrace, ignominy, dishonour, disrepute, degradation, opprobrium, vilification, calumniation, infamy, obloquy, odium, contempt, scandal, denigration, loss of face, defamation, discredit, disesteem, disfavor, derogation, disparagement

Other Words for Shamefaced

Shamefaced Verb Synonyms: bashful, shy, modest, self-effacing, diffident, timid, meek, coy, sheepish, timorous

Other Words for Shameful

Shameful Verb Synonyms: disgraceful, dishonorable, base, low, mean, vile, degrading, indecent, inglorious, deplorable, discreditable, corrupt, disreputable, infamous, ignominious, humiliating, embarrassing, mortifying, humbling, chastening, discomfiting, shaming, blameworthy, sc

Other Words for Shameless

Shameless Adjective Synonyms: wild, flagrant, unreserved, uncontrolled, immodest, wanton, indecorous, indecent, rude, improper, forward, bold, unembarrassed, unblushing, audacious, brazen, brash, unabashed, unashamed, impudent, shocking, outrageous

Other Words for Shape

Shape Adjective Synonyms: form, figure, build, body, physique, lines, profile, silhouette, contours
Shape Verb Synonyms: change, modify, remodel, accommodate, fit, adapt, adjust
Shape Noun Synonyms: state, condition, fettle, status, (state of) health, order, trim

Other Words for Shape Up

Shape Up Verb Synonyms: take form, take shape, develop, evolve, proceed

Other Words for Shapeless

Shapeless Verb Synonyms: amorphous, formless, nebulous, unformed, indefinite, unstructured, vague

Other Words for Shapely

Shapely Verb Synonyms: curvaceous, comely, well-proportioned, graceful, neat, well turned out, good-looking, pleasing, voluptuous, sexy

Other Words for Share

Share Adjective Synonyms: portion, allotment, division, apportionment, allocation, ration, appropriation, dispensation, allowance, part, due, percentage, interest, dividend, quota, portion, helping, serving, cut

Other Words for Sharp

Sharp Noun Synonyms: acute, keen, razor-sharp, knife-like, knife-edged, sharpened, pointed, needle-sharp
Sharp Verb Synonyms: keen, keen-witted, keen-minded, sharp-witted, shrewd, intelligent, smart, alert, bright, quick, agile, astute, clever, on the qui vive, penetrating, observant
Sharp Adjective Synonyms: caustic, bitter, biting, acrid, hot, spicy, pungent, piquant, tangy, harsh, sour, acid, acidulous, tart

Other Words for Sharp-Eyed

Sharp-Eyed Adverb Synonyms: sharp-sighted, eagle-eyed, hawk-eyed, lynx-eyed, gimlet-eyed, keen-sighted, wide awake, wakeful, watchful, observant, (on the) alert, on the qui vive, wary, circumspect, Argus-eyed, cautious, careful

Other Words for Sharpen

Sharpen Adverb Synonyms: hone, grind, strop, whet

Other Words for Sharply

Sharply Verb Synonyms: suddenly, quickly, abruptly, precipitously, precipitately
Sharply Adjective Synonyms: acutely, distinctly, definitely, definitively
Sharply Adverb Synonyms: severely, sternly, harshly, cuttingly, acerbically, peremptorily, angrily, strictly, firmly

Other Words for Shatter

Shatter Adverb Synonyms: disintegrate, burst, pulverize, shiver, smash, demolish, break (to smithereens), splinter, fragment, fracture, dash to pieces

Other Words for Shave

Shave Verb Synonyms: shear (off), cut (off), trim, clip, crop, snip off, remove

Other Words for Shed

Shed Noun Synonyms: shine, spread, scatter, throw, cast, let fall, impart, release, focus, pour forth, let fall, radiate
Shed Verb Synonyms: lean-to, shelter, structure, addition, penthouse, hut, shack, stall, booth, pen, cote, hutch

Other Words for Shed Some Light On

Shed Some Light On Noun Synonyms: explain, elucidate, simplify, clarify

Other Words for Sheen

Sheen Verb Synonyms: shine, gleam, polish, lustre, shininess, burnish, brightness, gloss, glow, glimmer, shimmer, radiance, glint, dazzle

Other Words for Sheepish

Sheepish Verb Synonyms: timid, withdrawn, passive, docile, obedient, compliant, sheeplike, manipulable, tractable, pliable, meek, amenable

Other Words for Sheer

Sheer Verb Synonyms: steep, precipitous, abrupt, perpendicular, bluff, vertical
Sheer Noun Synonyms: absolute, unmitigated, unqualified, downright, out-and-out, unalloyed, unadulterated, pure, unmixed, plain, simple, rank, total, complete, arrant, thorough, thoroughgoing, utter
Sheer Adjective Synonyms: transparent, see-through, thin, diaphanous, filmy, gauzy, gossamer, translucent, peekaboo

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