Other Words for Sheet

Sheet Noun Synonyms: area, expanse, stretch, layer, film, coat, coating, covering, blanket, cover, surface, skin, veneer
Sheet Adjective Synonyms: bed-sheet, crib-sheet, fitted sheet, flat sheet, contour sheet

Other Words for Shell

Shell Noun Synonyms: cartridge, projectile, shot

Other Words for Shell Out

Shell Out Noun Synonyms: pay out, give out, disburse, spend, expend, hand over, hand out, lay out, fork out, dish out, ante up

Other Words for Shelter

Shelter Verb Synonyms: cover, covering, concealment, screen, umbrella
Shelter Noun Synonyms: protection, cover, refuge, asylum, sanctuary, haven, safety, security

Other Words for Shelve

Shelve Noun Synonyms: postpone, defer, put off or aside or on ice or on the shelf, pigeon-hole, lay aside, hold in abeyance, table

Other Words for Shepherd

Shepherd Verb Synonyms: lead, convoy, escort, conduct, guide,her, take, pursue

Other Words for Shibboleth

Shibboleth Verb Synonyms: password, catchword, catch-phrase, buzz-word, byword, watchword, jargon

Other Words for Shield

Shield Verb Synonyms: protection, guard, safeguard, defense, screen, bulwark, shelter

Other Words for Shift

Shift Noun Synonyms: move, change position, edge, budge, relocate, rearrange, transpose, switch
Shift Verb Synonyms: sell, market, move

Other Words for Shift For

Shift For Noun Synonyms: manage, succeed, make do, look after, take care of, get or scrape by or along, fend for (oneself), make it, paddle one's own canoe

Other Words for Shiftless

Shiftless Noun Synonyms: unambitious, lazy, indolent, uninspired, unmotivated, idle, lackadaisical, irresponsible, uncaring, unenterprising, aimless, slothful, otiose, ineffective, ne'er-do-well, good-for-nothing, fain‚ant, pococurante

Other Words for Shifty

Shifty Noun Synonyms: tricky, artful, shrewd, canny, cunning, foxy, wily, sharp, devious, slick, evasive, smooth, slippery, scheming, designing, conniving, calculating, underhand(ed), conspiratorial, treacherous, traitorous, deceitful, deceiving, duplicitous, two-faced, Janus-

Other Words for Shilly-Shally

Shilly-Shally Noun Synonyms: hem and haw, dilly-dally, teeter-totter, see-saw, yo-yo, vacillate, waver, alternate, fluctuate, dither, falter, tergiversate, haver, hum and haw, swither, delay, hesitate, dawdle

Other Words for Shimmer

Shimmer Adjective Synonyms: shine, gleam, glow, glimmer, glint, glisten, ripple, flicker

Other Words for Shin Up

Shin Up Verb Synonyms: climb, clamber up, scramble up, scale, shinny up

Other Words for Shine

Shine Verb Synonyms: gleam, glow, shimmer, radiate, beam, glare, flare, glisten, glitter, coruscate, twinkle, sparkle, scintillate, glint, flash, flicker
Shine Noun Synonyms: polish, burnish, rub (up or down), buff, brush, brighten

Other Words for Shiny

Shiny Verb Synonyms: gleaming, glowing, shimmering, glossy, shimmery, lustrous, glassy, radiant, bright, beaming, glistening, polished, burnished, glittering, dazzling, coruscating, twinkling, sparkling, scintillating, glinting, flashing, flashy, flickering, lambent, fulgent

Other Words for Ship

Ship Noun Synonyms: vessel, (ocean or passenger) liner, steamer, wind-jammer, cutter

Other Words for Ship Out

Ship Out Adjective Synonyms: leave, depart, embark, set sail, take off, get out, quit, scram

Other Words for Shipshape

Shipshape Noun Synonyms: neat, trim, spotless, orderly, Bristol fashion, spick and span, tidy

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