Other Words for Shrill

Shrill Adjective Synonyms: high-pitched, ear-splitting, piercing, ear-piercing, sharp, piping, screeching, screechy, penetrating

Other Words for Shrink

Shrink Noun Synonyms: wither, shrivel (up), contract

Other Words for Shrink From

Shrink From Verb Synonyms: withdraw, draw back, recoil, back away, retreat, cower, cringe, flinch, shy away, wince, balk (at)

Other Words for Shrivel Up

Shrivel Up Adjective Synonyms: shrink, wrinkle, pucker (up), curl (up), wizen, contract, wither, wilt, dry up, desiccate, dehydrate

Other Words for Shroud

Shroud Verb Synonyms: screen, veil, mask, disguise, camouflage, cover, shield, blanket, shade, hide, conceal, protect, cloak, swathe, wrap, envelop

Other Words for Shrubbery

Shrubbery Verb Synonyms: shrubs, planting(s), hedge(s), hedging, hedgerow, thicket, underbrush, brake, bracken, undergrowth, coppice or copse

Other Words for Shudder

Shudder Noun Synonyms: quiver, shake, tremble, shiver, jerk, convulse, quaver, quake, vibrate, rattle

Other Words for Shuffle

Shuffle Noun Synonyms: mix (up), intermix, disarrange, rearrange, interfile, intersperse, jumble, confuse, shift (about), mess up, turn topsy-turvy, scatter, disorganize
Shuffle Verb Synonyms: scuff or drag (one's feet), scrape along, shamble

Other Words for Shun

Shun Verb Synonyms: avoid, keep or shy away from, steer clear of, eschew, shrink from, fight shy of, run or turn (away) from, flee or escape from, forgo, give up, disdain, spurn, rebuff, reject, cold-shoulder, give the cold shoulder to

Other Words for Shut

Shut Noun Synonyms: close, fasten, secure, shut up, lock, bolt, seal
Shut Verb Synonyms: closed (up), sealed (up), locked (up), bolted, fastened

Other Words for Shut Down

Shut Down Noun Synonyms: close down, discontinue, cease, suspend, halt, leave off, shut up, switch or turn or shut off, stop

Other Words for Shut In

Shut In Verb Synonyms: confine, seclude, keep in, pen, fence in, secure

Other Words for Shut Off

Shut Off Verb Synonyms: switch or turn off, shut down, kill, douse, cut (off)

Other Words for Shut Out

Shut Out Verb Synonyms: exclude, eliminate, bar, debar, lock out, ban, keep out or away, disallow, prohibit

Other Words for Shut Up

Shut Up Verb Synonyms: confine, shut in, coop (up), cage (in), bottle up, box in, imprison, jail, incarcerate, intern, immure

Other Words for Shuttle

Shuttle Verb Synonyms: commute, alternate

Other Words for Shy

Shy Verb Synonyms: diffident, coy, bashful, retiring, withdrawn, withdrawing, reserved, timid, meek, modest, sheepish, unconfident, self-conscious, introverted, nervous, apprehensive, timorous, verecund
Shy Adjective Synonyms: timorous, cautious, wary, chary, leery, guarded, afraid, fearful, frightened, anxious, worried, suspicious, distrustful, cowardly, craven, uncourageous

Other Words for Sick

Sick Adjective Synonyms: nauseated, queasy, sick to one's stomach, squeamish, qualmish, seasick, carsick, airsick, green around the gills

Other Words for Sick Of

Sick Of Adjective Synonyms: (sick and) tired, bored, weary, fed up with

Other Words for Sicken

Sicken Adjective Synonyms: fall ill, take sick, contract, be stricken by, come down with or catch something or a bug, fail, weaken
Sicken Verb Synonyms: mushy, mawkish, maudlin, cloying, insipid, weak, watery

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