Other Words for Simultaneous

Simultaneous Adverb Synonyms: coincident, coinciding, concurrent, contemporaneous, synchronous, contemporary

Other Words for Sin

Sin Adjective Synonyms: transgress, offend, fall (from grace), lapse, go wrong, stray, go astray, err, Biblical or archaic trespass
Sin Adverb Synonyms: trespass, transgression, offence, wrong, impiety, misdeed, profanation, desecration, iniquity, evil, devilry, sacrilege, crime, infraction, misdeed, dereliction, infringement, violation, misdemeanour, fault, foible, peccadillo

Other Words for Sincere

Sincere Noun Synonyms: honest, truthful, true, veracious, genuine, heartfelt, true-hearted, undissembling, unfeigned, open, (open and) above-board, straightforward, direct, frank, candid, guileless, artless, upfront, on the level, on the up and up

Other Words for Sincerely

Sincerely Noun Synonyms: truly, honestly, really, wholeheartedly, candidly, frankly, unequivocally, seriously, earnestly, genuinely, deeply, fervently

Other Words for Sincerity

Sincerity Verb Synonyms: honesty, truthfulness, straightforwardness, openness, forthrightness, frankness, candour, candidness, seriousness, genuineness, uprightness

Other Words for Sinew

Sinew Adjective Synonyms: ligament, tendon, muscle, thew

Other Words for Sinews

Sinews Adverb Synonyms: strength, force, power, energy, brawn, vigor, might, stamina, vitality

Other Words for Sinewy

Sinewy Noun Synonyms: strong, powerful, muscular, mighty, stout, wiry, robust, tough, strapping, brawny, burly

Other Words for Sinful

Sinful Noun Synonyms: corrupt, evil, wicked, bad, wrong, wrongful, iniquitous, vile, base, profane, immoral, profligate, depraved, criminal, sacrilegious, ungodly, unholy, demonic, irreligious, impious, irreverent

Other Words for Sing

Sing Noun Synonyms: chant, intone, carol, vocalize, trill, croon, pipe, chirp, warble, chorus, yodel
Sing Adjective Synonyms: tell, tattle, name names, rat, snitch, squeal, blow the whistle, peach, spill the beans

Other Words for Singe

Singe Adjective Synonyms: char, blacken, sear, scorch, burn

Other Words for Singer

Singer Verb Synonyms: vocalist, soloist, songster, crooner, chanteuse, nightingale, minstrel, troubadour, balladeer, caroller, chorister, choirboy, choir girl, choir member, chorus-boy, chorus girl, chorus-member, songbird, canary, thrush

Other Words for Single

Single Noun Synonyms: separate, distinct, individual, solitary
Single Verb Synonyms: unmarried, unwed, unattached, free, celibate

Other Words for Single Out

Single Out Adjective Synonyms: select, choose, pick, separate, take or put or set aside or apart, distinguish, cull, segregate, fix or fasten on

Other Words for Single-Handed

Single-Handed Adjective Synonyms: solo, lone, solitary, independent, unaided, unassisted

Other Words for Single-Minded

Single-Minded Verb Synonyms: dedicated, devoted, resolute, steadfast, persevering, firm, determined, dogged, unswerving, unwavering, tireless, purposeful

Other Words for Singly

Singly Adjective Synonyms: one at a time, separately, individually, one by one, successively, one after the other, seriatim

Other Words for Singular

Singular Adverb Synonyms: unusual, different, atypical, eccentric, extraordinary, remarkable, special, uncommon, strange, odd, peculiar, bizarre, outlandish, curious, queer, , offbeat, far-out
Singular Adjective Synonyms: outstanding, prominent, eminent, pre-eminent, noteworthy, significant, important, conspicuous, particular, notable, signal, exceptional, superior

Other Words for Singularity

Singularity Adjective Synonyms: individuality, distinctiveness, uniqueness, idiosyncrasy

Other Words for Sinister

Sinister Noun Synonyms: fateful, inauspicious, unfavorable, foreboding, threatening, menacing, minacious, minatory or minatorial, portentous, ominous, unpropitious, disastrous, dark, gloomy

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