Other Words for Sink

Sink Noun Synonyms: founder, submerge, go down, go under, plunge, descend, be engulfed
Sink Adjective Synonyms: subside, cave in, collapse, subside, settle, drop, fall in, go down, slip away
Sink Verb Synonyms: decline, weaken, worsen, degenerate, subside, deteriorate, flag, fail, diminish, die, expire, languish, go downhill

Other Words for Sink In

Sink In Verb Synonyms: be understood, penetrate, register, make an impression on, get through to

Other Words for Sinking

Sinking Verb Synonyms: queasy, nervous, uneasy, tense, apprehensive, unquiet, fretful, shaky, jittery, jumpy, anxious
Sinking Noun Synonyms: depressed, dejected, miserable, dolorous, doleful, mournful, forlorn, woeful, desolate, despairing, stricken, heavy-laden

Other Words for Sinner

Sinner Noun Synonyms: transgressor, wrongdoer, miscreant, offender, evil-doer, malefactor, reprobate, Biblical or archaic trespasser

Other Words for Sip

Sip Adjective Synonyms: taste, sample, sup

Other Words for Siren

Siren Verb Synonyms: temptress, seductress, enchantress, charmer, sorceress, femme fatale, Circe, Lorelei, vamp, mantrap
Siren Noun Synonyms: whistle, warble, wailer, horn, foghorn, signal, alarm, warning, alert, tocsin

Other Words for Sissy

Sissy Noun Synonyms: milksop, mama's boy, mummy's boy, namby-pamby, weakling, baby, cry-baby, mollycoddle, milquetoast, softie or softy, wet

Other Words for Sit

Sit Verb Synonyms: remain, stay, lie, rest, relax, mark time, abide, dwell
Sit Noun Synonyms: be seated, settle, sit down, take a seat, rest, take the weight or a load off one's feet

Other Words for Sit In On

Sit In On Verb Synonyms: play, join (in), participate (in), take part (in), observe, watch

Other Words for Sit On

Sit On Noun Synonyms: have or hold or occupy a seat (on), participate (in), be a member (of)

Other Words for Sit Out

Sit Out Verb Synonyms: wait out, outwait, outstay, outlast, outlive, last through, live through

Other Words for Sit Right With

Sit Right With Verb Synonyms: agree with, be agreeable to, seem, appear, look

Other Words for Sit Tight

Sit Tight Verb Synonyms: wait, hang back, hold back, be patient, bide (one's) time, play a waiting game, take no action, delay, temporize, hold (one's) horses

Other Words for Sit Up

Sit Up Verb Synonyms: awaken, pay attention, notice, become alert or interested or concerned

Other Words for Site

Site Verb Synonyms: location, place, plot, plat, spot, locale, area, milieu, neighborhood, locality, purlieus, placement, position, situation, orientation

Other Words for Situate

Situate Verb Synonyms: place in a position or situation or location, place, position, locate, set, spot, put, install or instal

Other Words for Situation

Situation Verb Synonyms: state (of affairs), condition, circumstances, case, status (quo), lay of the land, picture, plight, predicament, ball game, kettle of fish
Situation Noun Synonyms: place, position, location, spot, site, locale, setting

Other Words for Size

Size Noun Synonyms: magnitude, largeness, bigness, bulk, extent, scope, range, dimensions, proportions, measurement(s), expanse, area, square footage, volume, mass, weight, hugeness, immensity, greatness, vastness, enormousness

Other Words for Size Up

Size Up Noun Synonyms: assess, judge, evaluate, measure, take the measure of, appraise, assay, make an estimate of, estimate, value, gauge, rate

Other Words for Skeptic

Skeptic Noun Synonyms: doubter, questioner, doubting Thomas, disbeliever, nullifidian, agnostic, scoffer, cynic

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