Other Words for Skeptical

Skeptical Verb Synonyms: doubting, dubious, doubtful, questioning, disbelieving, incredulous, agnostic, scoffing, cynical, mistrustful, distrustful

Other Words for Skepticism

Skepticism Verb Synonyms: doubt, dubiety, dubiousness, doubtfulness, disbelief, incredulity, incredulousness, agnosticism, cynicism, mistrust, distrust, mistrustfulness, distrustfulness

Other Words for Sketchily

Sketchily Noun Synonyms: cursorily, superficially, incompletely, patchily, roughly, perfunctorily, skimpily, vaguely, imperfectly, crudely, hastily, hurriedly

Other Words for Sketchy

Sketchy Verb Synonyms: cursory, superficial, incomplete, patchy, rough, perfunctory, skimpy, imperfect, crude, hasty, hurried, vague, ill-defined, fuzzy, indistinct, inexact, imprecise, unrefined, unpolished, rough-hewn, unfinished

Other Words for Skilful

Skilful Verb Synonyms: skilled, accomplished, adept, adroit, dexterous, expert, proficient, masterly, masterful, gifted, apt, able, clever, talented, capable, professional, trained, qualified, experienced, practiced

Other Words for Skill

Skill Adverb Synonyms: talent, ability, aptitude, expertness, expertise, facility, skillfulness, art, artistry, cleverness, adeptness, adroitness, mastery, dexterity, handiness, ingenuity, experience, proficiency, finesse, knack, quickness, deftness, technique
Skill Adjective Synonyms: accomplishment, forte, strength, gift, capability, know-how, faculty

Other Words for Skim

Skim Noun Synonyms: soar, glide, skate, slide, sail, fly

Other Words for Skim Off

Skim Off Adjective Synonyms: separate, cream, scoop or ladle off, take off, remove

Other Words for Skim Through

Skim Through Noun Synonyms: scan, flip or thumb or leaf through, skip through, glance at or through, dip into

Other Words for Skin

Skin Verb Synonyms: epidermis, derma, integument, hide, pelt, fleece, fell

Other Words for Skin-Deep

Skin-Deep Noun Synonyms: superficial, shallow, surface, slight, external, unimportant, trivial, unprofound, insubstantial

Other Words for Skinny

Skinny Verb Synonyms: thin, underweight, gaunt, bony, scraggy, lank, lanky, gangly, gangling, raw-boned, meager, spare, emaciated, half-starved, undernourished, spare, pinched, hollow-cheeked, wasted, shrunken

Other Words for Skip

Skip Adjective Synonyms: omit, leave out, pass by, overlook, pass over, avoid, ignore, disregard, steer clear of, cut
Skip Verb Synonyms: leap, cavort, caper, gambol, frisk, prance, jump, hop, romp, bound, dance

Other Words for Skipper

Skipper Verb Synonyms: captain, master, commander, boss, leader, chief

Other Words for Skirmish

Skirmish Noun Synonyms: fight, encounter, fray, brush, clash, engagement, confrontation, showdown, combat, battle, conflict, struggle, set-to, contest, scrimmage, fracas, tussle, mele, affray, scrap, dust-up, scrum

Other Words for Sky

Sky Noun Synonyms: heaven(s), skies, arch or vault of heaven, firmament, (wild) blue (yonder), ether, literary welkin, empyrean, azure

Other Words for Slab

Slab Verb Synonyms: slice, wedge, piece, hunk, chunk, tranche, wodge

Other Words for Slack

Slack Noun Synonyms: remiss, careless, indolent, negligent, lax, lazy, idle, neglectful, delinquent, inattentive, otiose, dilatory, cunctatory, laggard, easygoing, slothful, sluggish, lethargic, shiftless, do-nothing, fain‚ant, asleep at the switch or the wheel, asleep
Slack Adjective Synonyms: neglect, shirk, skive (off), goof off, military gold-brick the dog

Other Words for Slack Off

Slack Off Noun Synonyms: let go, let run, let loose, release, slacken, loose, loosen, relax, ease (out or off), let up (on)

Other Words for Slacker

Slacker Verb Synonyms: shirker, loafer, idler, skiver, scrimshanker, gold brick, goof-off

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