Other Words for Slake

Slake Verb Synonyms: satisfy, quench, gratify, allay, assuage, ease, relieve

Other Words for Slam

Slam Noun Synonyms: shut, fling closed, bang
Slam Verb Synonyms: criticize, attack, vilify, pillory, run down, disparage, denigrate, denounce, put down, flay, pounce on or upon, shoot down, pan, slate

Other Words for Slander

Slander Verb Synonyms: defamation (of character), calumny, obloquy, misrepresentation, slur, vilification, libel

Other Words for Slanderous

Slanderous Verb Synonyms: defamatory, calumnious, disparaging, smear, deprecatory, depreciative, discrediting, decrying, libellous

Other Words for Slant

Slant Noun Synonyms: angle, viewpoint, (point of) view, standpoint, approach, twist, idea, aspect, attitude
Slant Adjective Synonyms: slope, incline, tilt, ramp, gradient, pitch, lean, leaning, deflection, angle, rake, cant, camber
Slant Verb Synonyms: bias, prejudice, partiality, one-sidedness, turn, bent

Other Words for Slap

Slap Noun Synonyms: smack, cuff, whack, rap, spank, clout, wallop
Slap Verb Synonyms: flap, slat, whip, beat, bat

Other Words for Slap In The Face

Slap In The Face Noun Synonyms: reprimand, reproof, rebuff, criticism, censure, rebuke, shot, thrust, attack, put-down, insult, offence, smack in the eye

Other Words for Slap On

Slap On Verb Synonyms: exactly, directly, precisely, straight, point-blank, right, squarely, plumb, smack, bang

Other Words for Slash

Slash Noun Synonyms: cut, gash, hack, score, slit, knife, lacerate, wound, scar
Slash Verb Synonyms: cut, gash, incision, slit, slice, gouge, rent, rip, score, laceration
Slash Adverb Synonyms: cut, reduce, decrease, drop, mark down, trim, lower

Other Words for Slattern

Slattern Verb Synonyms: slut, tramp, sloven, trollop, hussy, wanton, whore, prostitute, harlot, streetwalker, lady of the evening, woman of ill repute, loose or fallen woman, trottoise, call-girl, pro, tart, hooker, hustler, roundheels, bimbo

Other Words for Slaughter

Slaughter Noun Synonyms: butchery, butchering, abattage

Other Words for Slave

Slave Verb Synonyms: labour, toil, moil, grind, grub, drudge, sweat, burn the midnight oil, lucubrate, work one's fingers to the bone, work like a Trojan or a horse, skivvy
Slave Noun Synonyms: lackey or lacquey, scullion, serf, slave-girl, slaveling, odalisque or odalisk, bondservant, bondslave, bondsman or bondman, bondswoman or bondwoman, bondmaid, vassal, skivvy, esne, helot, hierodule, slavey

Other Words for Slaver

Slaver Verb Synonyms: nonsense, drivel, rubbish, twaddle, piffle
Slaver Noun Synonyms: drool, salivate, slobber, drivel, dribble, spit, slabber

Other Words for Slavery

Slavery Noun Synonyms: enslavement, bondage, thraldom, thrall, enthralment, servitude, serfdom, vassalage, yoke, subjugation, captivity, Historical peculiar institution

Other Words for Sleazy

Sleazy Verb Synonyms: unsubstantial or insubstantial, flimsy, slight, shabby, poor, gimcrack, jerry-built, tawdry, cheap, tatty, ramshackle, rickety, slipshod, chintzy

Other Words for Sleek

Sleek Adjective Synonyms: graceful, trim, streamlined
Sleek Verb Synonyms: smooth, slick, velvety, lustrous, shiny, shining, glossy, silky, silken

Other Words for Sleep

Sleep Adjective Synonyms: doze, (take a) nap, catnap, rest, repose, slumber, drowse, drop or nod off, be in the land of Nod, be in the arms of Morpheus, snore, snooze, saw wood, catch or log a few zees (Z's), take or have a zizz, catch forty winks

Other Words for Sleepless

Sleepless Adjective Synonyms: restless, wakeful, insomniac, disturbed
Sleepless Verb Synonyms: alert, watchful, vigilant, unsleeping

Other Words for Sleepwalking

Sleepwalking Noun Synonyms: noctambulism, somnambulism, noctambulation, somnambulation
Sleepwalking Adjective Synonyms: noctambulant, somnambulant

Other Words for Sleepy

Sleepy Noun Synonyms: boring, inactive, dull, quiet, soporific, slow, sluggish
Sleepy Adjective Synonyms: drowsy, somnolent, tired, nodding, dozy, lethargic, torpid, slumberous, sluggish, oscitant, weary, fatigued, exhausted, dead on one's feet, (knocked) out, beat, pooped

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