Other Words for Slender

Slender Adjective Synonyms: slim, lean, willowy, sylphlike, svelte, lissom or lissome, lithe, graceful, snake-hipped, thin, spare, slight, lanky

Other Words for Sleuth

Sleuth Adjective Synonyms: detective, (private) detective, (private) investigator, P.I., private eye, Sherlock, snoop, tec or 'tec, hawkshaw, dick, shamus, gumshoe

Other Words for Slice

Slice Adjective Synonyms: slab, piece, rasher, collop, shaving, layer, Cookery scallop, escalope, scaloppine (pl. of scaloppina) or scaloppini (pl.)
Slice Noun Synonyms: cut, carve, divide

Other Words for Slick

Slick Adjective Synonyms: superficial, shallow, meretricious, specious, glib
Slick Noun Synonyms: smooth, sleek, glossy, silky, silken, shiny, shining, glassy, slippery
Slick Verb Synonyms: smooth, clever, skilful, adroit, dexterous, professional, ingenious, imaginative, inventive, creative, neat

Other Words for Slick Down

Slick Down Adjective Synonyms: smooth, plaster down, grease, oil

Other Words for Slicker

Slicker Adjective Synonyms: confidence man or woman, cheat, swindler, mountebank, con man, city slicker

Other Words for Slide

Slide Verb Synonyms: glide, slip, coast, skim, glissade, skate, plane, skid, toboggan, slither
Slide Noun Synonyms: creep, steal, slip, slink, move

Other Words for Slight

Slight Adjective Synonyms: insubstantial or unsubstantial, weak, feeble, delicate, dainty, frail, unstable, fragile, flimsy, lightly made or built, precarious, inadequate, rickety, insecure
Slight Noun Synonyms: small, short, petite, thin, slim, slender, delicate, diminutive, tiny, miniature, bantam, wee, pocket, pocket-sized, vest-pocket, pint-sized
Slight Verb Synonyms: small, little, minor, negligible, unlikely, insignificant, inconsequential

Other Words for Slightly

Slightly Noun Synonyms: reduce, lose or shed weight, diet, slenderize
Slightly Verb Synonyms: a little, somewhat, to a certain or slight or minor extent or degree or measure, marginally

Other Words for Slimy

Slimy Adverb Synonyms: slippery, unctuous, obsequious, sycophantic, toadying, servile, creeping, groveling, abject, smarmy
Slimy Noun Synonyms: oozy, slippery, mucky, squashy, squishy, viscous, sticky, gluey, mucilaginous, uliginous, glutinous, mucous, clammy, mushy, squushy or squooshy, gooey, gunky, gloppy

Other Words for Sling

Sling Adjective Synonyms: slingshot, catapult, trebuchet or trebucket
Sling Verb Synonyms: toss, throw, cast, propel, hurl, shy, fling, fire, shoot, pitch, let fly, launch, heave, lob, chuck

Other Words for Slink

Slink Verb Synonyms: sneak, creep, steal, prowl, skulk

Other Words for Slip

Slip Noun Synonyms: slide, skid, glide, slither
Slip Verb Synonyms: blunder, error, mistake, fault, oversight, slip of the tongue or pen, inadvertence, indiscretion, impropriety, transgression, peccadillo, faux pas, slip-up, blooper, boob, bloomer

Other Words for Slip Away

Slip Away Verb Synonyms: pass, elapse, vanish, go by

Other Words for Slip In

Slip In Verb Synonyms: enter, get in, sneak in, put in

Other Words for Slip Through Your Fingers

Slip Through Your Fingers Noun Synonyms: elude, escape, get away, vanish, disappear

Other Words for Slip Up

Slip Up Verb Synonyms: err, blunder, make a mistake, miscalculate, go wrong, botch (up), screw up

Other Words for Slippery

Slippery Noun Synonyms: slick, sleek, slimy, icy, glassy, smooth, greasy, oily, lubricated, skiddy

Other Words for Slipshod

Slipshod Noun Synonyms: careless, slovenly, slapdash, haphazard, messy, untidy, disorganized, lax, unorganized, sloppy

Other Words for Slit

Slit Adjective Synonyms: split, cut, slash, gash, knife, slice

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