Other Words for Small-Minded

Small-Minded Adjective Synonyms: small, petty, selfish, stingy, grudging, niggardly, ungenerous, mean, narrow-minded, narrow, close-minded, uncharitable, hidebound, rigid, intolerant, unimaginative, short-sighted, near-sighted, myopic

Other Words for Small-Time

Small-Time Adjective Synonyms: small, small-scale, unimportant, petty, piddling, minor, insignificant, trifling, trivial

Other Words for Smart

Smart Adjective Synonyms: intelligent, clever, bright, brilliant, quick-witted, sharp, acute, astute, capable, adept, apt, quick, ingenious

Other Words for Smear

Smear Noun Synonyms: slander, scandal, libel, vilification, mud-slinging, defamation, calumny, aspersion, reflection
Smear Verb Synonyms: smudge, daub, stain, splodge or splotch, blot, taint, spot
Smear Adjective Synonyms: daub, rub, anoint, spread, cover, coat, wipe, plaster, bedaub, besmirch, dirty, smudge, stain, soil, begrime

Other Words for Smell

Smell Verb Synonyms: odor, scent, aroma, perfume, fragrance, bouquet, breath, whiff
Smell Noun Synonyms: stink, reek, pong, hum

Other Words for Smelly

Smelly Noun Synonyms: malodorous, evil-smelling, foul-smelling, foul, mephitic, fetid, putrid, reeky, stinking, noisome, rank, offensive, miasmic or miasmatic or miasmatical or miasmal, odoriferous, rancid, high, gamy, whiffy

Other Words for Smile

Smile Noun Synonyms: grin, beam
Smile Verb Synonyms: grin

Other Words for Smirk

Smirk Adjective Synonyms: sneer, grimace, leer
Smirk Verb Synonyms: leer, sneer, grin, grimace, simpering smile

Other Words for Smitten

Smitten Verb Synonyms: affected, afflicted, beset, stricken, troubled, distressed, burdened, crushed, plagued, haunted, worried, bothered, vexed
Smitten Noun Synonyms: captivated, enthralled, struck, bewitched, enchanted, beguiled, charmed, enraptured, infatuated, enamoured, ensorcelled, swept off one's feet, bowled over, gaga

Other Words for Smolder

Smolder Verb Synonyms: burn, seethe, simmer, chafe, rage, fume, foam, boil, stew, fester, get hot under the collar, get (all) steamed up, see red, do a slow burn, get (all) burnt up

Other Words for Smooth

Smooth Adjective Synonyms: unobstructed, easy, effortless, free, uncluttered, even, orderly, well-ordered, uneventful, flowing, fluent, unconstrained, uninterrupted
Smooth Verb Synonyms: slick, sleek, shiny, glossy, glassy, mirror-like, uniform, polished, burnished, silky, silken, velvety, satiny
Smooth Noun Synonyms: regular, even, flush, flat, level, plane, unruffled, unbroken, unwrinkled, undisturbed, tranquil, peaceful, calm, serene, glassy

Other Words for Smooth Out

Smooth Out Adjective Synonyms: flatten, even, level, iron, press, mangle, calender

Other Words for Smooth Over

Smooth Over Adjective Synonyms: ameliorate, assuage, allay, calm, gloss over, minimize, mitigate, lessen, soothe, reduce, temper, mollify, smoothen, soften, palliate, appease

Other Words for Smother

Smother Adjective Synonyms: suffocate, stifle, choke, asphyxiate, throttle, strangle, snuff (out), kill
Smother Verb Synonyms: be suffocated or stifled or asphyxiated, be choked or strangled, be killed

Other Words for Smug

Smug Verb Synonyms: self-satisfied, complacent, holier-than-thou, self-important, overconfident, conceited

Other Words for Snack

Snack Verb Synonyms: bite, nibble, morsel, titbit or tidbit, refreshment(s), elevenses, nosh

Other Words for Snag

Snag Adjective Synonyms: catch, tear, rip
Snag Verb Synonyms: hitch, catch, problem, (stumbling) block, stricture, bottleneck, complication, obstacle, impediment, obstruction, hindrance, difficulty, hang-up

Other Words for Snake

Snake Noun Synonyms: reptile, serpent, ophidian, viper
Snake Verb Synonyms: snake in the grass, traitor, turncoat, Judas, quisling, betrayer, double-crosser, informer, rat, Benedict Arnold, fink, ratfink

Other Words for Snap

Snap Noun Synonyms: break (off), separate, crack, cleave, split, fracture, give way, part
Snap Verb Synonyms: shoot, snapshot, photograph, click, catch

Other Words for Snap At

Snap At Verb Synonyms: bite (at), nip, gnash or snatch at

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