Other Words for Snap Ones Fingers At

Snap Ones Fingers At Verb Synonyms: disdain, scorn, flout, dismiss, contemn, disregard, ignore, defy, mock, deride, thumb one's nose at, cock a snook at

Other Words for Snap Out Of It

Snap Out Of It Verb Synonyms: recover, come around, revive, awaken, wake up, perk up, liven up, cheer up, get a grip or (a) hold on or of oneself, pull oneself together, (re)gain control of oneself

Other Words for Snap Up

Snap Up Verb Synonyms: grab (up), snatch (up), seize, pluck, pounce on or upon, make off with, take (away), capture, catch, get, secure

Other Words for Snappish

Snappish Noun Synonyms: short-tempered, testy, petulant, peevish, irritable, prickly, touchy, irascible, quick to anger, quick-tempered, hot-tempered, waspish, snappy, on a short string or tether

Other Words for Snappy

Snappy Noun Synonyms: quick, sharp, brisk, smart, crisp, lively, rapid, speedy
Snappy Adjective Synonyms: fashionable, chic, sharp, smart, stylish, dapper, modish, natty, trendy

Other Words for Snare

Snare Adjective Synonyms: trap, net, springe, noose, gin

Other Words for Snarl

Snarl Adjective Synonyms: growl, snap
Snarl Noun Synonyms: jungle, maze, labyrinth, knot
Snarl Verb Synonyms: tangle, entangle, knot, twist, ravel, jam, kink

Other Words for Snarl Up

Snarl Up Noun Synonyms: tangle, entangle, complicate, confuse, scramble, muddle, twist, mix or mess up, ball up, screw up

Other Words for Snatch

Snatch Verb Synonyms: grab, grasp, seize, clasp, clutch, pluck, take (hold of), catch, lay hold of, wrest, latch on to, capture, snap up, win, get, lay or get one's hands on
Snatch Noun Synonyms: save, rescue, deliver, remove

Other Words for Sneak

Sneak Verb Synonyms: lurk, slink, steal, creep, skulk, cower, lurk, pad, prowl, sidle, pussyfoot

Other Words for Sneaking

Sneaking Noun Synonyms: persistent, lingering, lurking, nagging, worrying, worrisome, niggling, intuitive, deep-rooted, deep-seated, gut

Other Words for Sneaky

Sneaky Verb Synonyms: underhand(ed), devious, furtive, sly, slippery, disingenuous, deceitful, dishonest, unscrupulous, shifty

Other Words for Sneer

Sneer Adjective Synonyms: scorn, disdain, despise, contemn, turn up one's nose (at), sniff (at), jeer (at), laugh (at), deride, mock, ridicule, underrate, sneeze at, knock
Sneer Noun Synonyms: smirk, curl one's lip, sniff

Other Words for Sneeze

Sneeze Adjective Synonyms: sternutate
Sneeze Verb Synonyms: sternutation, sneezing

Other Words for Snicker

Snicker Noun Synonyms: snigger, chuckle, giggle, titter
Snicker Verb Synonyms: snigger, chuckle, giggle, titter, laugh up one's sleeve, mock, scorn, laugh (at), jeer (at)

Other Words for Sniff

Sniff Noun Synonyms: hint, spirit, feeling, suggestion
Sniff Verb Synonyms: whiff, breath, odor, scent

Other Words for Snip

Snip Noun Synonyms: nip, clip, crop, cut, lop, prune, dock

Other Words for Snipe At

Snipe At Verb Synonyms: shoot at, fire at, attack, criticize, deride, find fault with, carp at, pick apart

Other Words for Snips

Snips Verb Synonyms: scissors, shears, tinsnips

Other Words for Snivel

Snivel Noun Synonyms: sniffle, snuffle, blubber, whimper, whine, mewl, pule, cry, whinge

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