Other Words for Society

Society Verb Synonyms: organization, club, association, circle, league, institute, academy, alliance, guild, group, fraternity, sorority, brotherhood, sisterhood, fellowship, union, consociation, sodality, Verein, bund or Bund
Society Adjective Synonyms: fellowship, brotherhood, association, intercourse, companionship, company, camaraderie, friendship

Other Words for Soft

Soft Noun Synonyms: yielding, cushiony, plushy, spongy, squeezable, compressible, squashy, squashable, flexible, plastic, pliable, pliant, supple, flexile, flexuous, unstarched
Soft Adjective Synonyms: easygoing, tolerant, kind, compassionate, gentle, merciful, lenient, indulgent, permissive, liberal, lax, easy, docile, tame, submissive, deferential, benign, tender-hearted, sympathetic, kind-hearted, kind

Other Words for Soft In The Head

Soft In The Head Adjective Synonyms: foolish, silly, simple, daft, off

Other Words for Soft-Hearted

Soft-Hearted Adjective Synonyms: tender-hearted, compassionate, tender, warm-hearted, sentimental, charitable, generous, giving, sympathetic, indulgent, kind, kind-hearted, responsive

Other Words for Soften

Soften Adjective Synonyms: mitigate, assuage, diminish, moderate, reduce, cushion, lessen, weaken, allay, ease, lighten, abate, temper, relieve

Other Words for Soften Up

Soften Up Adjective Synonyms: melt, affect, mollify, mellow, palliate, soothe, relax, appease

Other Words for Soil

Soil Adjective Synonyms: earth, loam, dirt, ground, turf, humus, clay
Soil Verb Synonyms: dirty, stain, begrime, muddy, smear, spot

Other Words for Sojourn

Sojourn Verb Synonyms: stay, stop, stopover, visit, rest, holiday, vacation

Other Words for Solace

Solace Noun Synonyms: comfort, consolation, condolence, relief, balm, support, help, succor, reassurance, cheer

Other Words for Soldier

Soldier Noun Synonyms: serviceman, servicewoman, recruit, fighter, infantryman, foot-soldier, trooper, warrior, military man, man-at-arms, Tommy (Atkins), enlisted man or woman, squaddie, GI or G.I. (Joe), (WWI) doughboy
Soldier Verb Synonyms: fighter, stalwart, supporter, militant

Other Words for Soldier On

Soldier On Verb Synonyms: continue, persist, persevere, endure, drive, keep going, keep on or at, grind, drudge

Other Words for Sole

Sole Noun Synonyms: lone, only, singular, unique, solitary, particular, exclusive, individual, personal

Other Words for Solecism

Solecism Noun Synonyms: error, slip, impropriety, fault, breach, violation, lapse, mistake, misusage, incongruity, inconsistency, barbarism, blunder, gaffe, bungle, fumble, gaucherie, faux pas, botch or botch-up, boo-boo, flub, boner, boob, bloomer,

Other Words for Solemn

Solemn Verb Synonyms: serious, sober, reserved, grave, earnest, sedate, staid, taciturn, morose, morbid, mirthless, unsmiling, gloomy, sombre, grim, glum, long-faced, saturnine
Solemn Adjective Synonyms: ceremonious, ritual, formal, dignified, stately, grand, august, imposing, impressive, awe-inspiring, awesome, important, momentous

Other Words for Solemnity

Solemnity Noun Synonyms: solemnness, gravity, seriousness, soberness, reserve, sedateness, taciturnity, staidness, earnestness, impressiveness, grandeur, importance, momentousness, consequence

Other Words for Solicit

Solicit Adjective Synonyms: entreat, beseech, ask (for), implore, petition, importune, appeal for or to, call on or upon, beg, supplicate, pray, crave

Other Words for Solicitor

Solicitor Adjective Synonyms: lawyer, attorney, counselor-at-law

Other Words for Solicitous

Solicitous Noun Synonyms: concerned, caring, considerate, uneasy, troubled, anxious, apprehensive, worried
Solicitous Verb Synonyms: eager, earnest, zealous, keen, anxious, desirous, ardent, avid

Other Words for Solicitude

Solicitude Verb Synonyms: concern, consideration, regard, disquiet, disquietude, uneasiness, anxiety, apprehension, worry, nervousness, fear, fearfulness, alarm

Other Words for Solid

Solid Adjective Synonyms: filled (in or up), packed, jammed, crowded, teeming, congested, crammed, swarming, compressed, concentrated, chock-a-block, jam-packed, chock-full
Solid Noun Synonyms: three-dimensional, cubic

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