Other Words for Sophisticated

Sophisticated Adjective Synonyms: advanced, complex, complicated, intricate, elaborate, subtle, refined, multifaceted
Sophisticated Adverb Synonyms: cultivated, cultured, refined, experienced, worldly, cosmopolitan, polished, elegant, urbane, worldly-wise, knowledgeable, knowing, suave, soign‚(e), blase, chichi, slick, hip or hep, cool, with it

Other Words for Sophistication

Sophistication Adjective Synonyms: worldliness, urbanity, culture, refinement, knowledge, knowledgeability, cosmopolitanism, polish, elegance, poise, suavity or suavit‚, savoir faire, savoir vivre, finesse, discrimination, discernment, awareness, taste, tastefulness, style

Other Words for Sorcerer

Sorcerer Adjective Synonyms: sorceress, magus, necromancer, wizard, witch, warlock, enchanter, enchantress, magician, thaumaturgist, shaman, witch-doctor, medicine man

Other Words for Sorcery

Sorcery Adjective Synonyms: witchcraft, enchantment, sortilege, necromancy, wizardry, (black or white) magic, shamanism, black art, diabolism

Other Words for Sordid

Sordid Noun Synonyms: base, vile, corrupt, low, ignoble, debased, degraded, abased, mean, ignominious, dishonorable, despicable, disreputable, shabby, shameful, scurvy, rotten, execrable

Other Words for Sore

Sore Adjective Synonyms: painful, sensitive, tender, raw, angry, burning, stinging, smarting, hurting, irritated, inflamed, chafed

Other Words for Sore Straits

Sore Straits Adjective Synonyms: sore straits

Other Words for Sorrow

Sorrow Adjective Synonyms: sadness, heartbreak, grief, unhappiness, dolour, misery, woe, anguish, distress, suffering, torment, agony, wretchedness, heartache, desolation, desolateness

Other Words for Sorrowful

Sorrowful Adjective Synonyms: sad, unhappy, regretful, sorry, depressed, dejected, crestfallen, chap-fallen, gloomy, downcast, blue, dispirited, melancholy, in the doldrums, wretched, woebegone, miserable, heartsick, disheartened, piteous, heavy-hearted, broken-hearted, rueful, woeful
Sorrowful Noun Synonyms: distressing, lamentable, doleful, unfortunate, bitter, distressful, troublous, grievous, unlucky, hapless, afflictive

Other Words for Sorry

Sorry Verb Synonyms: abject, miserable, depressing, wretched, pitiful, pitiable, pathetic, deplorable, stark, grim, sordid, dismal, base, star-crossed, ill-starred
Sorry Adjective Synonyms: See sorrowful, 1, above
Sorry Noun Synonyms: regretful, penitent, remorseful, contrite, conscience-stricken, guilt-ridden, repentant, apologetic, penitential

Other Words for Sort

Sort Adjective Synonyms: kind, variety, type, class, classification, group, category, brand, make, mark, stamp, description, mould, stripe, ilk, feather, kidney, character, nature, manner, species
Sort Noun Synonyms: assort, classify, file, order, rank, grade, class, categorize, separate, divide, combine, merge, arrange, organize, systemize, systematize, catalogue, group, sort out

Other Words for Sort Out

Sort Out Noun Synonyms: organize, set or put straight, straighten out, resolve, tidy (up), clarify, clear up, solve, decide

Other Words for Soul

Soul Verb Synonyms: (vital) spirit or force, being, (inner or true) self, essence, psyche, heart, mind, intellect, reason, anima

Other Words for Soulful

Soulful Adjective Synonyms: sincere, deep, profound, moving, emotional, warm, ardent, intense, fervent, expressive

Other Words for Sound

Sound Adjective Synonyms: resound, reverberate, echo, resonate
Sound Noun Synonyms: tone, noise, din, cacophony, report
Sound Verb Synonyms: undamaged, uninjured, whole, unmarred, in good condition or shape, intact, unimpaired, unscathed

Other Words for Sound Out

Sound Out Adjective Synonyms: plumb, probe, test, check (out or into), fathom, inquire or enquire of, question, poll, canvass, investigate, examine, survey
Sound Out Verb Synonyms: shout (out), cry out, yell (out), sound off
Sound Out Noun Synonyms: articulate, pronounce, enunciate, utter, voice, vocalize

Other Words for Sour

Sour Noun Synonyms: turn, spoil, curdle, go bad or off, ferment
Sour Verb Synonyms: disagreeable, unpleasant, distasteful, bad, nasty, bitter, terrible
Sour Adjective Synonyms: acid, acidic, tart, vinegary, lemony, acidulous or acidulent, acidulated, acescent, acerbic

Other Words for Source

Source Adjective Synonyms: fountain-head, well-spring, origin, provenance, provenience, inception, start, outset, beginning, root(s), commencement, rise

Other Words for Sovereign

Sovereign Noun Synonyms: royal, regal, majestic, noble, lordly, aristocratic, kingly, queenly
Sovereign Verb Synonyms: monarch, ruler, emperor, empress, king, queen, prince, princess, potentate, chief, master, mistress, shah, sultan, Akund (of Swat), Gaekwar (of Baroda), Nizam (of Hyderabad), Mehtar (of Chitral), Nucifrage of Nuremberg, Sheikh of Araby, supremo

Other Words for Sovereignty

Sovereignty Noun Synonyms: suzerainty, hegemony, dominion, rule, pre-eminence, power, jurisdiction, authority, leadership, command, sway, supremacy, ascendancy, primacy

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