Other Words for Sow

Sow Noun Synonyms: seed, disseminate, broadcast, plant

Other Words for Space

Space Noun Synonyms: interval, lapse, period, time, hiatus, lacuna, span, while, duration, extent, spell, stretch, pause, wait, intermission, gap, break, interruption
Space Adjective Synonyms: spaciousness, room, place, expanse, elbow-room, leeway, margin, latitude, play
Space Verb Synonyms: accommodation, seat, berth, room, place

Other Words for Spacious

Spacious Noun Synonyms: vast, large, extensive, enormous, wide, broad, commodious, ample, expansive, roomy, huge, sizeable, large, capacious, great, immense, outsize(d), voluminous, oversize(d)

Other Words for Span

Span Noun Synonyms: bridge, link, stretch, overpass, flyover
Span Verb Synonyms: cross, stretch over, reach over, extend over, go over, bridge

Other Words for Spank

Spank Adjective Synonyms: slap, smack, put or take over one's knee, thrash, paddle, chastise, punish, castigate, wallop, tan (someone's) hide, paddywhack, whack, give (someone) a (good) licking or hiding

Other Words for Spanking

Spanking Verb Synonyms: quick, rapid, swift, lively, snappy, fast, smart, energetic, vigorous, brisk
Spanking Noun Synonyms: spic and span, smart, bright, snappy, gleaming, brand-new, fine, remarkable, outstanding, big, large, great

Other Words for Spar

Spar Adjective Synonyms: fight, box, exchange blows, shadow-box
Spar Verb Synonyms: mast, yard, yard-arm, boom, boomkin, gaff, jigger, mizen, stick, pole

Other Words for Spare

Spare Noun Synonyms: thin, skinny, scrawny, cadaverous, gaunt, raw-boned, meager, gangling, lank(y), wiry, slim, slender, all skin and bones
Spare Adjective Synonyms: extra, surplus, supernumerary, auxiliary, supplementary, additional, odd, leftover, in reserve, in addition
Spare Verb Synonyms: meager, frugal, small, skimpy, modest, scanty

Other Words for Sparing

Sparing Adjective Synonyms: thrifty, saving, frugal, spare, careful, prudent, parsimonious, economical, penurious, mean, penny-pinching, stingy, niggardly, miserly, close, close-fisted, cheap, tight, tight-fisted, mingy

Other Words for Spark

Spark Verb Synonyms: scintilla, flicker, glimmer, glint, sparkle, speck, hint, suggestion, vestige, atom, whit, jot (or tittle), iota

Other Words for Spark Off

Spark Off Verb Synonyms: set or touch off, ignite, kindle, enkindle, electrify, animate, trigger, energize, galvanize, activate, excite, stimulate, set in motion, bring about, start (up), begin, initiate, inspire, inspirit, provoke, precipitate

Other Words for Sparkle

Sparkle Adjective Synonyms: effervesce, fizz, bubble
Sparkle Noun Synonyms: glitter, scintillation, twinkle, coruscation, dazzle, spark, gleam, brightness, brilliance, radiance
Sparkle Verb Synonyms: glitter, scintillate, glint, flicker, shine, twinkle, wink, blink, glimmer, flash, coruscate, blaze, burn, flame

Other Words for Sparse

Sparse Verb Synonyms: thin (on the ground), few (and far between), meager, scanty, (widely) dispersed or scattered, spread out, spotty, in short supply, scarce

Other Words for Spartan

Spartan Noun Synonyms: austere, strict, severe, harsh, hard, stern, rigorous, rigid, ascetic, stringent, controlled, disciplined, self-denying, abstinent, abstemious

Other Words for Spasm

Spasm Noun Synonyms: convulsion, throe, fit, twitch, paroxysm
Spasm Adjective Synonyms: fit, seizure, convulsion, paroxysm, spell, outburst, burst, eruption

Other Words for Spasmodic

Spasmodic Adjective Synonyms: spasmodical, paroxysmal, convulsive, jerky, jerking, sudden, spastic

Other Words for Spate

Spate Noun Synonyms: flood, inundation, onrush, onset, rush, deluge, outpouring, outflow, outflowing, flow

Other Words for Spatter

Spatter Noun Synonyms: splash, splatter, speckle, bespatter, spray, dabble, daub, bedaub, sprinkle, besprinkle, splodge, splotch

Other Words for Spawn

Spawn Adjective Synonyms: give birth to, yield, bear, bring forth, breed, beget, create, father, sire, produce, generate, engender, give rise to, bring about, cause

Other Words for Speak

Speak Adjective Synonyms: talk, converse, discourse
Speak Noun Synonyms: talk to, converse or discourse with, address, say (something or) anything to
Speak Verb Synonyms: talk, communicate in, discourse or converse in, communicate in, utter in, articulate in,e

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