Other Words for Satisfactory

Satisfactory Verb Synonyms: adequate, sufficient, acceptable, passable, all right, not bad, good enough, fair, OK, okay

Other Words for Satisfy

Satisfy Adjective Synonyms: pay, repay, redress, make good, indemnify, write off, liquidate
Satisfy Noun Synonyms: gratify, fulfill, comfort, please, content, placate, appease, pacify

Other Words for Satisfying

Satisfying Verb Synonyms: gratifying, satisfactory, fulfilling, filling, satiating, comforting, pleasing, pacifying, pleasurable

Other Words for Saturate

Saturate Verb Synonyms: soak, wet, drench, steep, fill, imbue, souse, suffuse, impregnate, permeate, waterlog, ret

Other Words for Sauce

Sauce Verb Synonyms: gravy, condiment
Sauce Adjective Synonyms: impertinence, sauciness, impudence, audacity, insolence, brazenness, pertness, disrespect, disrespectfulness, cheek, cheekiness, lip, back talk, backchat, brass, nerve, gall, crust, sass, sassiness

Other Words for Saunter

Saunter Verb Synonyms: walk, stroll, amble, meander, ramble, wander, mosey, traipse

Other Words for Savage

Savage Adjective Synonyms: wild man or woman, brute, barbarian, Caliban
Savage Noun Synonyms: wild, untamed, undomesticated, feral, unbroken
Savage Verb Synonyms: wild, uncivilized, uncultivated, primitive, inhuman, bestial, barbaric, barbarous, untamed, rude

Other Words for Save

Save Noun Synonyms: lay or put aside, lay or put by, lay or put away, keep, retain, set apart, hold, reserve, preserve, conserve, economize, scrimp, scrape
Save Verb Synonyms: obviate, preclude, spare, prevent
Save Adjective Synonyms: (come to someone's) rescue, deliver, (set) free, liberate, release, redeem, bail (someone) out, recover, salvage, retrieve

Other Words for Saving

Saving Verb Synonyms: redeeming, redemptory or redemptive or redemptional, compensating, compensatory, qualifying, extenuating, extenuatory

Other Words for Savings

Savings Adjective Synonyms: resources, reserve, cache, hoard, nest egg

Other Words for Savior

Savior Adjective Synonyms: rescuer, salvation, friend in need, Good Samaritan, liberator, redeemer, deliverer, emancipator, champion, knight errant, knight in shining armor

Other Words for Savoir Faire

Savoir Faire Noun Synonyms: tact, tactfulness, sophistication, finesse, urbanity, discretion, knowledgeability, diplomacy, urbanity, smoothness, polish, suavity or suaveness, poise, grace, style, skill, adroitness, knowledge, comprehension, savvy

Other Words for Savoir Vivre

Savoir Vivre Noun Synonyms: breeding, upbringing, comity, knowledge, sophistication, polish

Other Words for Savor

Savor Noun Synonyms: taste, flavor, zest, tang, smack, piquancy

Other Words for Savory

Savory Noun Synonyms: palatable, delicious, delectable, tasty, toothsome, appetizing, flavourful, flavorous, flavoursome, ambrosial, luscious
Savory Verb Synonyms: appetizer, hors-d'oeuvre, dessert, sweet, morsel, dainty, titbit or tidbit, starter, warner

Other Words for Saw

Saw Adjective Synonyms: proverb, maxim, (old) saying, aphorism, apophthegm or apothegm, axiom, adage, epigram, gnome, slogan, motto, catchword, catch-phrase, byword, dictum, platitude, truism, clich‚, commonplace

Other Words for Say

Say Verb Synonyms: mean or intend or try to say, think, contemplate, imply, suggest
Say Adjective Synonyms: state, affirm, declare, maintain, hold, aver, remark, assert, claim, asseverate, announce
Say Noun Synonyms: pronounce, articulate, utter, phrase, rephrase, translate

Other Words for Say-So

Say-So Noun Synonyms: authority, word, say, order, dictum, authorization

Other Words for Scale

Scale Noun Synonyms: coating, encrustation or incrustation, crust, overlay, layer, cake, caking, tartar, plaque
Scale Adverb Synonyms: flake, imbrication, scurf, dandruff, squama, plate, scute or scutum, lamina, lamella

Other Words for Scale Down

Scale Down Verb Synonyms: decrease, reduce, diminish, lower

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