Other Words for Speak For

Speak For Verb Synonyms: support, uphold, defend, stand up for, plead for, make a plea for, recommend, stick up for

Other Words for Speak For Itself

Speak For Itself Verb Synonyms: be self-evident, be obvious, be significant

Other Words for Speak Of

Speak Of Verb Synonyms: mention, advert to, allude to, refer to, make reference to, comment on, speak or talk about

Other Words for Speak On

Speak On Verb Synonyms: discuss, address, discourse upon or on, speak to, treat (of), deal with, examine, touch upon or on

Other Words for Speak Ones Piece

Speak Ones Piece Noun Synonyms: have (one's) say, express (one's) opinion, say what is on (one's) mind, vent (one's) spleen, get a load off (one's) mind or chest

Other Words for Speak Out

Speak Out Verb Synonyms: talk (more) loudly or clearly, make oneself heard

Other Words for Speak To

Speak To Verb Synonyms: reprove, scold, reprimand, rebuke, admonish, warn, lecture

Other Words for Speaker

Speaker Verb Synonyms: orator, lecturer, keynoter, rabble-rouser, demagogue, tub-thumper, spieler

Other Words for Spearhead

Spearhead Verb Synonyms: launch, initiate, lead (the way), take the initiative, pioneer, blaze the trail, break the ice, take the lead, be in the van or vanguard

Other Words for Special

Special Verb Synonyms: particular, specific, exceptional, uncommon, especial, rare, unusual, out of the ordinary, extraordinary, different, unorthodox, unconventional, unique, precise, individual, singular, distinctive, specialized, certain, remarkable, inimitable, idiosyncrati
Special Noun Synonyms: significant, important, momentous, earth-shaking, memorable, red-letter, gala, festive, celebratory
Special Adjective Synonyms: dear, intimate, particular, good, close, bosom, staunch, loyal, faithful, devoted, steadfast, dearest, best, closest, esteemed, valued

Other Words for Specialist

Specialist Adjective Synonyms: expert, authority, professional, master, connoisseur, maestro, artiste, artist, adept

Other Words for Specially

Specially Adjective Synonyms: especially, particularly, custom, expressly, exclusively

Other Words for Specialty

Specialty Adjective Synonyms: expertise, talent, genius, gift, skill, aptitude, trade, craft, accomplishment, ability, strength, forte, strong point, capability, adeptness, art, sphere, field, area, subject, concentration, specialization, m‚tier, specialty, Col

Other Words for Specific

Specific Noun Synonyms: definite, precise, exact, particular, explicit, express, unambiguous, definitive, clear-cut, unequivocal, (well-)defined, determined, specified, individual, peculiar, certain, limited, indicated, predetermined, established, spelt or spelled out, delineate

Other Words for Specific To

Specific To Noun Synonyms: characteristic (of), unique to, individual (to), sui generis, proper (to), typical (of), peculiar to, identified with, personal (to), discrete (to), special (to), associated with

Other Words for Specification

Specification Adverb Synonyms: itemization, itemizing, list, listing, check-list, inventory, list of particulars, detail, enumeration
Specification Noun Synonyms: identification, identifying, description, describing, particularization, particularizing, specifying, naming

Other Words for Specify

Specify Adjective Synonyms: particularize, enumerate, itemize, name, denominate, list, indicate, mention, identify, cite, define, detail, stipulate, spell out, set out or forth, individualize, be specific about, delineate, determine, disambiguate, establish

Other Words for Specimen

Specimen Adjective Synonyms: sample, example, instance, exemplar, representative, representation, illustration, case (in point), type, model, pattern

Other Words for Specious

Specious Noun Synonyms: deceptive, superficial, casuistic, ostensible, misleading, apparent, seeming, fallacious, sophistic(al), plausible, likely, conceivable, possible, supposed, purported, presumed, presumable, alleged, so-called

Other Words for Speck

Speck Noun Synonyms: spot, dot, fleck, mote, speckle, mark, bit, particle, crumb, iota, jot (or tittle), whit, atom, molecule, touch, hint, suggestion, suspicion, tinge, modicum, amount, grain, smidgen or smidgin

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