Other Words for Speckled

Speckled Verb Synonyms: spotted, mottled, dotted, sprinkled, flecked, stippled, dapple(d), freckled, brindle(d), discoloured, spattered, bespattered

Other Words for Spectacle

Spectacle Noun Synonyms: show, display, sight, performance, event, presentation, exhibition, exhibit, exposition, demonstration, extravaganza, marvel, wonder, sensation

Other Words for Spectacles

Spectacles Adjective Synonyms: eyeglasses, glasses, specs

Other Words for Spectator

Spectator Noun Synonyms: witness, eyewitness, observer, viewer, onlooker, looker-on, watcher, beholder

Other Words for Specter

Specter Noun Synonyms: ghost, phantom, wraith, apparition, vision, spirit, shade, revenant, chimera, spook, bogeyman or bogyman

Other Words for Spectral

Spectral Adjective Synonyms: ghostly, ghostlike, phantom, eerie, wraithlike, incorporeal, unearthly, supernatural, weird, spooky

Other Words for Speculate

Speculate Noun Synonyms: reflect (on or about or over), consider, muse (on or about or over), meditate (on or over or about), contemplate (on or about), cogitate (on or about), think (about or over or on), ponder (over or about), mull

Other Words for Speculation

Speculation Noun Synonyms: thinking, rumination, cogitation, reflection, meditation, contemplation, consideration, cerebration, pondering, wondering, deliberation, evaluation
Speculation Adjective Synonyms: conjecture, guess, hypothesis, theory, guesswork, postulation, surmise, supposition, opinion

Other Words for Speculative

Speculative Noun Synonyms: risky, hazardous, uncertain, unreliable, untrustworthy, doubtful, dubious, untested, unproven, unproved, iffy, chancy, dicey
Speculative Verb Synonyms: intellectual, ideational, abstract, cogitative, notional, theoretical, hypothetical, conjectural, suppositional, supposititious or suppositious, suppositive, rational, ratiocinative, ideal, idealized, idealistic, unrealistic, unpractical, impractical, ana

Other Words for Speech

Speech Adjective Synonyms: dialect, idiolect, jargon, parlance, idiom, fa‡on de parler, language, tongue, lingo
Speech Noun Synonyms: speaking, talking, articulation, diction, language, expression, enunciation, elocution, speech pattern, communication

Other Words for Speechless

Speechless Noun Synonyms: dumbfounded or dumfounded, dumbstruck or dumbstricken, wordless, struck dumb, tongue-tied, thunderstruck, shocked, dazed, inarticulate, paralysed, nonplussed, gobsmacked
Speechless Adjective Synonyms: mute, dumb, voiceless

Other Words for Speed

Speed Noun Synonyms: rapidity, fleetness, quickness, speediness, swiftness, velocity, dispatch or despatch, hurry, hurriedness, haste, hastiness, celerity, alacrity, expeditiousness, expedition, briskness, promptness, timeliness, suddenness, precipitateness, precipitousness,
Speed Adjective Synonyms: hasten, make haste, hurry, rush, charge, dart, bolt, shoot, run, race, sprint, fly, streak, scurry, tear, hustle, scramble, scamper, career, bowl along, go or fly like the wind, go hell for leather, go like a bat out of hell, belt along, step on it

Other Words for Speed Up

Speed Up Noun Synonyms: accelerate, move, expedite, forward, advance, facilitate, boost, further, promote, help, assist, aid, give a leg up

Other Words for Speedy

Speedy Noun Synonyms: fleet, nimble, wing-footed, winged, fast, quick, rapid, swift
Speedy Adjective Synonyms: quick, rapid, swift, brisk, expeditious, fast, immediate, prompt

Other Words for Spell

Spell Noun Synonyms: attraction, lure, allure, appeal, draw, pull, magnetism, fascination, influence, mesmerism, hypnotic effect
Spell Adjective Synonyms: enchantment, allure, charm, magic, witchcraft, witchery, fascination, captivation, enthralment
Spell Verb Synonyms: period, interval, time, term, season, stint, turn, run, course, shift, tour (of duty), watch, round

Other Words for Spell Out

Spell Out Noun Synonyms: specify, delineate, make clear or plain or explicit, clarify, elucidate

Other Words for Spellbinding

Spellbinding Noun Synonyms: fascinating, enchanting, enthralling, captivating, enrapturing, bewitching, mesmerizing, charming, overpowering

Other Words for Spend

Spend Verb Synonyms: squander, throw away, fritter away, waste, go through, splurge, lavish, dissipate
Spend Noun Synonyms: pay out, disburse, expend, lay out, fork out, dish out, shell out, splash out

Other Words for Spendthrift

Spendthrift Verb Synonyms: wasteful, free-spending, prodigal, profligate, squandering, extravagant, improvident
Spendthrift Adjective Synonyms: profligate, wastrel, (big) spender, squanderer, prodigal

Other Words for Spent

Spent Verb Synonyms: drained, exhausted, prostrate, tired, fatigued, fagged out, weary, wearied, worn out, (dead) beat, done in, done for, all in, dog-tired, played out, burnt- or burned-out,ed up, knackered, done up, pooped

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