Other Words for Spew Forth

Spew Forth Noun Synonyms: belch (up or out or forth), vomit (up or forth), regurgitate, spit up or out, spout, discharge, emit, eject, send forth, spurt, gush, throw up or out, disgorge, puke

Other Words for Sphere

Sphere Adjective Synonyms: globe, orb, globule, spherule, drop, droplet, bubble

Other Words for Spherical

Spherical Verb Synonyms: spheric, globular, round, ball-shaped, ball-like, globelike, globe-shaped, globose or globous, globoid, globate(d), spheroid(al)

Other Words for Spice

Spice Noun Synonyms: condiment, relish, seasoning, flavor(ing), herb

Other Words for Spice Up

Spice Up Adjective Synonyms: enliven, inspirit, stimulate, invigorate

Other Words for Spicy

Spicy Noun Synonyms: zesty, zestful, piquant, tangy, (well-)spiced, (well-)seasoned, hot, peppery, sharp, pungent, snappy, biting, full-bodied, aromatic, savory, flavoursome, flavourful
Spicy Verb Synonyms: scandalous, sensational, outrageous, notorious, revealing, revelatory, intimate

Other Words for Spike

Spike Verb Synonyms: skewer, stake, prong, treenail, nail, peg, picket, pin, pike, spine
Spike Adjective Synonyms: impale, stab, stick, spear, pierce, spit, lance

Other Words for Spill

Spill Verb Synonyms: waste, throw out, lose
Spill Noun Synonyms: pour (out or over), overflow, slop or run or brim over

Other Words for Spill The Beans

Spill The Beans Verb Synonyms: reveal or tell or disclose or divulge all or everything, blab, tattle, let the cat out of the bag, confess, squeal, be a stool-pigeon or stoolie, spill one's guts, sing (like a canary), blow the gaff

Other Words for Spilt Up

Spilt Up Verb Synonyms: divide, separate, cleave, cut or chop apart, cut or chop in two, pull or tear apart, rend, break or snap apart or in two, break up, come apart, rupture, partition, detach, become detached, bisect, dichotomize
Spilt Up Noun Synonyms: divorce, separate, go separate ways, break up, part company

Other Words for Spin

Spin Verb Synonyms: revolve, turn, rotate, gyrate, twirl, whirl, twist, reel, pirouette, pivot

Other Words for Spin Off

Spin Off Noun Synonyms: separate, derive

Other Words for Spin Out

Spin Out Verb Synonyms: prolong, protract, drag or draw out, stretch out, perpetuate, continue, extend, keep alive, keep going

Other Words for Spine

Spine Verb Synonyms: backbone, spinal column, vertebrae

Other Words for Spineless

Spineless Verb Synonyms: invertebrate
Spineless Noun Synonyms: weak, feeble, flabby, irresolute, weak-willed, indecisive, ineffectual, ineffective, impotent, powerless

Other Words for Spiral

Spiral Noun Synonyms: helix, coil, corkscrew, screw, scroll, whorl, volute, turn, curl
Spiral Adjective Synonyms: helical, coiled, screw, corkscrew, cochlear or cochleate, scrolled, volute(d), whorled

Other Words for Spire

Spire Adjective Synonyms: column, tower, belfry, steeple, flŠche

Other Words for Spirit

Spirit Noun Synonyms: anima, breath, life, vitality, vital spirit, pneuma, soul, consciousness, psyche, self, heart, essence
Spirit Adjective Synonyms: character, temperament, temper, persona, disposition, mind, will, will-power, attitude, bent, inclination, energy, ardor, desire, impetus, drive, urge, eagerness, zest, zeal, zealousness, fire, passion(s), enthusiasm, motivation, mettle, resolution, resol

Other Words for Spirit Away

Spirit Away Noun Synonyms: abduct, make off or away with, carry off, transport, take away, kidnap, steal (off or away with), whisk away, abscond with, make disappear

Other Words for Spirited

Spirited Noun Synonyms: lively, sprightly, energetic, vigorous, animated, sparkling, dynamic, buoyant, effervescent, vivacious, ardent, mettlesome

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