Other Words for Spontaneous

Spontaneous Adjective Synonyms: unannounced, unpremeditated, unplanned, impromptu, extemporaneous, extempore, unprepared, unrehearsed, offhand, ad lib, spur-of-the-moment, off the cuff
Spontaneous Noun Synonyms: natural, unforced, unbidden, instinctive, instinctual, unconscious, reflex, automatic, mechanical, immediate, offhand, unguarded, unthinking, unwitting, involuntary, impetuous, impulsive, knee-jerk

Other Words for Sporadic

Sporadic Noun Synonyms: occasional, intermittent, random, irregular, uneven, erratic, chance, unexpected, spasmodic(al), fitful, periodic(al)

Other Words for Sport

Sport Adjective Synonyms: jest, humour, fun, mockery
Sport Verb Synonyms: recreation, diversion, pastime, amusement, entertainment, play, distraction, relaxation, divertissement, pleasure, enjoyment, fun
Sport Noun Synonyms: show off, exhibit, flaunt, display, wear

Other Words for Sportive

Sportive Noun Synonyms: frisky, gambolling, cavorting, frolicking, romping, capering, rollicking, sprightly, coltish, spirited, frolicsome, buoyant, gamesome, gay, kittenish, merry, playful, gleeful, light-hearted, blithe, prankish, waggish

Other Words for Sportsmanship

Sportsmanship Noun Synonyms: fair play, sportsmanliness, fairness, honourableness, honesty, honor, probity, scrupulousness, integrity, uprightness, justice, justness

Other Words for Sporty

Sporty Verb Synonyms: informal, casual, stylish, chic, smart, trendy, fashionable, modish, up to date, showy, rakish, swank(y), loud, classy, swell, flashy, snazzy, sharp, spiffy

Other Words for Spot

Spot Verb Synonyms: mark, patch, speck, blot, blotch, blemish, speckle, fleck, particle, mote, macula, smudge, stain, stigma, discoloration, splodge or also splotch
Spot Adjective Synonyms: site, place, locale, location, locality, scene, setting, section, area, neighborhood, quarter
Spot Noun Synonyms: morsel, bit, bite, smidgen or smidgin

Other Words for Spotless

Spotless Noun Synonyms: immaculate, clean, gleaming, shiny, polished, unspotted, spick and span

Other Words for Spotlight

Spotlight Verb Synonyms: arc light, searchlight, pin spotlight, (pin) spot
Spotlight Adjective Synonyms: light (up), illuminate, focus (light) upon or on, shine or shed or throw or cast light upon or on, emphasize, highlight, draw attention to, feature, give prominence to, stress, accentuate, accent, point up, underscore, underline, point up

Other Words for Spots

Spots Noun Synonyms: eruptions, pimples, acne, pustules, blackheads, comedos or comedones, whiteheads, boils, blains, wens, pock-marks, hickeys

Other Words for Spotty

Spotty Noun Synonyms: pimply, pimpled, blotched, blotchy, acned, pock-marked, pocky, bad, plouky or plooky
Spotty Adjective Synonyms: spotted, dotted, speckled, freckled, flecked, blotched, blotchy, stained, marked, pied, piebald, brindle(d), skewbald, mottled, motley, dapple(d), macular, foxed, soiled, dirty, splodgy, splodged or also splotchy, splotched

Other Words for Spout

Spout Verb Synonyms: discharge, emit, squirt, spurt, jet, shoot, gush, erupt, spew (up or out or forth), spit, eject, disgorge, vomit (up or forth), pour (out or forth), flow, stream
Spout Adjective Synonyms: ramble on, rant, rave, carry on, pontificate, orate, declaim, hold forth, maunder (on), witter on, hold forth, expatiate, speechify, talk, go on, rabbit on

Other Words for Sprawl

Sprawl Verb Synonyms: spread (out), stretch (out), straddle, ramble, meander, wander, straggle, branch out
Sprawl Noun Synonyms: spread, stretch, expansion, extension

Other Words for Spray

Spray Noun Synonyms: sprinkle, spatter, scatter, shower, disperse, diffuse, atomize, spread
Spray Verb Synonyms: shower, sprinkling, drizzle, mist, sprinkle, spindrift or spoondrift

Other Words for Spread

Spread Noun Synonyms: grow, develop, increase, broaden, expand, extend, widen, enlarge, mushroom, proliferate, sprawl, branch out, metastasize

Other Words for Spread Around

Spread Around Noun Synonyms: broadcast, publicize, make known, bruit about, air, televise, circulate, publish, distribute, disseminate, trumpet, announce, pronounce, promulgate, advertise, enounce, make public, tell the world, herald, repeat, recite

Other Words for Spread Out

Spread Out Verb Synonyms: diffuse, distribute, disperse, disseminate, broadcast, sow, scatter, strew, shed, dispel, dissipate
Spread Out Noun Synonyms: unfold, draw out, display, stretch out, open out, extend, lay out, fan out, unroll, unfurl

Other Words for Spree

Spree Noun Synonyms: frolic, romp, lark, outing, escapade, revel, wild party, fling, debauch, orgy, bacchanalia, drinking-bout, carousal, bender, binge, jag

Other Words for Sprightly

Sprightly Noun Synonyms: lively, chipper, spry, vivacious, cheerful, gay, brisk, animated, sportive, active, alert, nimble, agile, energetic, jaunty, perky, playful, spirited

Other Words for Spring

Spring Noun Synonyms: leap, bound, jump, hop, vault, dart, fly, bounce
Spring Verb Synonyms: start or begin or experience or cause to occur or appear or happen suddenly or unexpectedly, broach, pop, introduce or divulge or reveal or disclose suddenly or unexpectedly

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