Other Words for Spring For

Spring For Verb Synonyms: pay for, treat (someone) to, assume the expense(s) of

Other Words for Spring Up

Spring Up Adjective Synonyms: originate, begin, start, evolve, proceed from, stem from, descend from, derive from, come from, develop from

Other Words for Sprout

Sprout Noun Synonyms: bud, germinate, come up, arise, begin, bloom, blossom, flower

Other Words for Spruce

Spruce Verb Synonyms: neat, dapper, smart, trim, well turned out, well-groomed, elegant, natty

Other Words for Spruce Up

Spruce Up Verb Synonyms: tidy (up), neaten (up), primp, clean (up), straighten out or up, smarten (up), titivate or tittivate

Other Words for Spunk

Spunk Adjective Synonyms: nerve, courage, pluck, spirit, gameness, resolve, resolution, mettle, heart, grit, spunkiness, backbone, marrow, guts, gumption, bottle, sand

Other Words for Spur

Spur Noun Synonyms: goad, prod, urge, egg on, impel, incite, prompt, press, push, pressure or pressurize, stimulate, drive, provoke, induce, encourage, motivate, excite, animate
Spur Adjective Synonyms: projection, prong, spike, spine, gaff, barb, quill, tine, barbel, barbule, process
Spur Verb Synonyms: goad, prod, urging, impulse, incitement, instigation, prompting, pressure, stimulus, stimulation, incentive, provocation, inducement, encouragement, motive, motivation

Other Words for Spurious

Spurious Noun Synonyms: false, counterfeit, sham, fake, fraudulent, bogus, mock, imitation, simulated, unauthentic, ungenuine, forged, feigned, pretended, deceitful, meretricious, contrived, factitious, artificial, ersatz, synthetic, pseudo, phony

Other Words for Spurn

Spurn Noun Synonyms: reject, disdain, scorn, contemn, despise, rebuff, repudiate, refuse, sneer at, snub, brush off, turn down, turn one's back on or upon, look down on or upon, cold-shoulder, turn one's nose up at, sneeze at

Other Words for Spurt

Spurt Adjective Synonyms: gush, spew, squirt, jet, shoot, erupt, burst, surge
Spurt Verb Synonyms: increase, advance, acceleration, rise, improvement
Spurt Noun Synonyms: burst, access, effort, outbreak, spell, interval, spate, moment, instant

Other Words for Spy

Spy Verb Synonyms: double agent, foreign agent, secret(-service) agent, intelligence agent, undercover agent, mole, fifth-columnist, CIA man or woman or agent, MI5 or MI6 man or woman or agent, informer, informant, mole, stool-pigeon, stoolie, fink, ratfink

Other Words for Spy On

Spy On Noun Synonyms: follow, shadow, trail, watch, observe, reconnoitre, keep under surveillance, surveil, tail, check out, case

Other Words for Spying

Spying Noun Synonyms: espionage, undercover work, secret service, detection, intelligence, surveillance

Other Words for Squad

Squad Verb Synonyms: unit, team, band, company, crew, force, troop, cadre, gang, section, group, squadron, platoon, party

Other Words for Square

Square Adjective Synonyms: healthful, healthy, nutritious, substantial, solid, full, generous, satisfying, filling, unstinting
Square Noun Synonyms: equilateral, quadrangular, rectangular, right-angled, quadrilateral, four-sided, cubic, cubed, six-sided, boxy
Square Verb Synonyms: equal, on a par, even, on equal terms, settled, balanced

Other Words for Square With

Square With Noun Synonyms: meet, match (with), conform to or with, obey, correspond to or with, tally with, accord with, agree with, reconcile with or to

Other Words for Squawk

Squawk Verb Synonyms: cackle, screech, shriek, yell, yowl, whoop, hoot, scream, call, cry

Other Words for Squeamish

Squeamish Verb Synonyms: dainty, delicate, prudish, punctilious, demanding, critical, exacting, difficult, fussy, scrupulous, fastidious, meticulous, painstaking, finicky or finical, persnickety or pernickety, fuddy-duddy

Other Words for Squeeze

Squeeze Verb Synonyms: press, compress, compact, crush, squash, wring, pinch, nip, grip, tweak
Squeeze Adjective Synonyms: milk, shake down, bleed, lean on, put the screws to, put the squeeze on, twist (someone's) arm, put the arm on
Squeeze Noun Synonyms: extract, wrest, exact, extort, milk, wrench, pry (out), tear, bleed

Other Words for Squeeze By

Squeeze By Verb Synonyms: get through or by, pass, (barely) succeed, squeak through or by, (barely) make it

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