Other Words for Squelch

Squelch Noun Synonyms: suppress, subdue, put down, quell, quash, defeat, overcome, outdo, humiliate, shoot or slap down, take down a peg (or two), take the wind out of (someone's) sails, settle (someone's) hash

Other Words for Squire

Squire Noun Synonyms: escort, accompany, conduct, go with, take, convoy

Other Words for Squirm

Squirm Verb Synonyms: wriggle, writhe, twist, flounder, shift, fidget, be (very) uncomfortable, agonize, sweat

Other Words for Stab

Stab Noun Synonyms: stick, puncture, prick, lance, jab, pierce, run through, impale, gore, transfix, knife, bayonet, skewer, spike, spit, spear, pin, plunge, poke, thrust
Stab Verb Synonyms: attempt, try, essay, guess, conjecture

Other Words for Stab In The Back

Stab In The Back Verb Synonyms: harm, betray, sell out, double-cross, give the Judas kiss, play false with

Other Words for Stability

Stability Noun Synonyms: steadiness, solidity, firmness, soundness, sturdiness, strength

Other Words for Stable

Stable Noun Synonyms: steady, solid, firm, sound, sturdy, strong, durable, well-founded, fast, sure, established, deep-rooted, stout

Other Words for Stack

Stack Adjective Synonyms: haystack, cock, haycock, rick, rickle, hayrick, clamp
Stack Noun Synonyms: pile, heap, mound, mass, accumulation, hill, mountain, store, stock, bank, deposit, supply, stockpile, hoard, load, bundle, bale, stash

Other Words for Stack Up

Stack Up Noun Synonyms: pile (up), heap, accumulate, amass, store, stock, stockpile, hoard, collect, aggregate, agglomerate, stash (away), squirrel away

Other Words for Stadium

Stadium Noun Synonyms: arena, ground, amphitheatre, hippodrome, coliseum or colosseum, circus

Other Words for Staff

Staff Noun Synonyms: stick, pole, standard, baton, rod, pikestaff, pike, stake, cane, stave, shaft, alpenstock, shillelagh, club, truncheon, mace, crook, crozier, sceptre, wand, caduceus

Other Words for Stage

Stage Noun Synonyms: platform, dais, podium, rostrum
Stage Verb Synonyms: position, situation, grade, level, stratum, tier, echelon, step, station, place, point, spot, juncture, division, phase, lap, status, condition

Other Words for Stagger

Stagger Noun Synonyms: totter, reel, lurch, teeter, sway, walk unsteadily or shakily, pitch, rock, wobble

Other Words for Stagnant

Stagnant Verb Synonyms: motionless, standing, still, quiet, sluggish, unmoving, immobile, flat, stale, foul, putrid, putrescent, putrefied, polluted, dirty, contaminated, filthy

Other Words for Stagnate

Stagnate Verb Synonyms: languish, idle, vegetate, deteriorate, degenerate, decline, go to seed or pot, decay, rust, moulder, decompose, spoil, rot

Other Words for Staid

Staid Verb Synonyms: sedate, rigid, stiff, prim, dignified, sober, calm, composed, quiet, restrained, solemn, serious, serious-minded, grave, sober-sided

Other Words for Stain

Stain Adjective Synonyms: mark, blot (on the escutcheon), stigma, blemish, blot on one's copybook, black eye
Stain Noun Synonyms: spoil, defile, ruin, smirch, besmirch, taint, tarnish, stigmatize, shame, disgrace, sully, contaminate, soil, corrupt
Stain Verb Synonyms: blot, mark, spot, discoloration, blotch, smutch, smirch, speck, splodge or also splotch

Other Words for Stake

Stake Verb Synonyms: tether, tie (up), secure, fasten, picket, lash, leash, hitch, chain
Stake Noun Synonyms: stick, post, spike, picket, paling, pale, pole, pike, stave, palisade, pole, upright, pillar, column

Other Words for Stake Out

Stake Out Verb Synonyms: (a fence (in or off), confine, pen, enclose, close in or off, hem in, shut in, impound, enclose, cage, wall in

Other Words for Stale

Stale Noun Synonyms: old, past its prime, unfresh, dry, dried-out, hardened, limp, wilted, withered, flat, sour, turned, (gone) off, mouldy, musty, spoiled, rotten

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