Other Words for Stalemate

Stalemate Noun Synonyms: impasse, deadlock, stand-off, standstill, (dead or full) stop, tie, check, checkmate, mate, Mexican stand-off

Other Words for Stalk

Stalk Verb Synonyms: follow, dog, haunt, shadow, trail, track (down), hunt (down), pursue, hound, chase, tail
Stalk Adjective Synonyms: stem, trunk, cane, main axis, leaf-stalk, shaft, spike

Other Words for Stall

Stall Adjective Synonyms: stop, halt, die, quit, shut down, fail, cease operating, come to a standstill, conk out
Stall Noun Synonyms: compartment, stand, booth, cubicle, alcove, section, space, area, slot, enclosure, quarters, counter, table
Stall Verb Synonyms: shed, pen, cote, fold, coop, sty, corral, enclosure, cowshed, barn, stable

Other Words for Stalwart

Stalwart Noun Synonyms: robust, stout, strong, mighty, powerful, rugged, staunch, hardy, sturdy, vigorous, lusty, indomitable, solid, able-bodied, brawny, sinewy, muscular, fit, healthy, hale, (hale and) hearty, husky, hefty, beefy
Stalwart Verb Synonyms: brave, courageous, daring, intrepid, valiant, heroic, manly, manful, fearless, indomitable, stout-hearted, bold, audacious, game, red-blooded, plucky, mettlesome, lion-hearted, spirited

Other Words for Stamina

Stamina Adjective Synonyms: ruggedness, vigor, vigorousness, (intestinal) fortitude, robustness, indefatigability, staying power, endurance, energy, power, might, mettle, (inner) strength, staunchness, stalwartness, courage, indomitability, grit, guts, starch, stick-to-it-

Other Words for Stammer

Stammer Adjective Synonyms: stutter, hesitate, hem and haw, stumble, falter, pause, hum and haw

Other Words for Stamp

Stamp Noun Synonyms: trample, bring down one's foot, tread, step, tramp, stomp (on)
Stamp Verb Synonyms: brand, label, mark, tag, term, name, style, identify, categorize, classify, characterize, designate, denominate, show to be

Other Words for Stamp Out

Stamp Out Noun Synonyms: eliminate, eradicate, abolish, get rid of, annihilate, exterminate, kill, snuff out, terminate, end, put an end to, destroy, put down, put out, extinguish, extirpate, quell, subdue, suppress, squelch, repress

Other Words for Stampede

Stampede Noun Synonyms: rout, flight, scattering, panic, rush, dash

Other Words for Stance

Stance Noun Synonyms: carriage, bearing, deportment, position, posture, attitude, standpoint, stand, viewpoint, point of view

Other Words for Stanch

Stanch Noun Synonyms: staunch, stop, stem, halt, check, arrest, stay, end, cease, prevent

Other Words for Stand

Stand Verb Synonyms: rise, arise, get up, be upstanding
Stand Noun Synonyms: continue, remain, persist, be or remain in effect or in force, prevail, obtain, apply, exist

Other Words for Stand By

Stand By Verb Synonyms: support, defend, back, stand or stick up for, stand behind, be or remain loyal or faithful to, uphold, take the side of, side with, sympathize with, go to bat for

Other Words for Stand Down

Stand Down Verb Synonyms: resign, quit, step aside, withdraw

Other Words for Stand For

Stand For Verb Synonyms: symbolize, betoken, represent, signify, mean, be emblematic of, exemplify, epitomize, illustrate, typify, refer to, allude to

Other Words for Stand In

Stand In Verb Synonyms: substitute (for), understudy (for), replace, relieve, double for, take the place of, pinch-hit (for), cover for

Other Words for Stand Out

Stand Out Verb Synonyms: be prominent or conspicuous or noticeable, be notable or noteworthy

Other Words for Stand Up

Stand Up Verb Synonyms: set, place (upright), position, put, move, up-end

Other Words for Stand Up For

Stand Up For Verb Synonyms: support, defend, take the side of, side with, champion, uphold, stick up for

Other Words for Stand Up To

Stand Up To Verb Synonyms: confront, brave, challenge, encounter, dispute, question, resist, defy, withstand

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