Other Words for Starved Of

Starved Of Verb Synonyms: deprived of, in need or want of, lacking, be reft of

Other Words for State

State Noun Synonyms: governmental, government, national, federal
State Adjective Synonyms: condition(s), circumstance(s), situation, state of affairs, status, shape, position

Other Words for Stately

Stately Noun Synonyms: dignified, august, solemn, distinguished, impressive, striking, imposing, awesome, grand, lofty, elevated, noble, majestic, regal, royal, imperial

Other Words for Statement

Statement Adjective Synonyms: assertion, allegation, declaration, expression, report, account, affirmation, asseveration, averral, announcement, annunciation, proclamation, utterance, communication, disclosure

Other Words for Static

Static Adjective Synonyms: immovable, immobile, unmoving, motionless, stationary, fixed, stagnant, inert, still, unchanging, unchanged, changeless, unvarying, invariable, constant
Static Verb Synonyms: interference, noise, atmospherics, difficulty or difficulties, trouble, problem(s), flak

Other Words for Station

Station Adjective Synonyms: place, position, spot, post, site, location
Station Noun Synonyms: position, place, status, rank, caste, standing, class, level

Other Words for Stationery

Stationery Noun Synonyms: writing-paper, letterhead(s), paper and envelopes, writing implements or supplies, office supplies or equipment

Other Words for Statue

Statue Noun Synonyms: sculpture, figure, figurine, statuette, carving, casting, model, bronze, image, icon or ikon, effigy, representation, bust, atlas, caryatid, colossus, figurehead, Biblical graven image

Other Words for Statuesque

Statuesque Noun Synonyms: imposing, impressive, majestic, regal, stately, magnificent, noble, dignified, august, grand, well-proportioned, comely, handsome, queenly, Junoesque

Other Words for Status

Status Verb Synonyms: eminence, prominence, pre-eminence, standing, stature, importance, significance, repute, reputation, rank, station

Other Words for Staunch

Staunch Noun Synonyms: steadfast, loyal, firm, unflinching, steady, unshrinking, unswerving, dependable, reliable, (tried and) true, devoted, true-blue, trusty, trusted, faithful, unfaltering, undeviating, unwavering

Other Words for Stay

Stay Noun Synonyms: keep, remain, continue to be
Stay Verb Synonyms: guy, line, rope, cable, chain, support, brace, reinforcement, head-stay, (running) backstay, forestay, mainstay, mizen-stay
Stay Adjective Synonyms: remain, stop, continue, tarry, wait, stand, freeze

Other Words for Stay Loose

Stay Loose Adjective Synonyms: relax, stay or keep calm or cool, cool off or down, sit back, take it easy

Other Words for Steadfast

Steadfast Verb Synonyms: resolute, determined, persevering, resolved, single-minded, steady, unflinching, unfaltering, unwavering, unswerving, indefatigable, dependable, immovable, stable, firm, fixed, constant, persistent, unflagging, tireless, enduring, dedicated, deep-rooted,

Other Words for Steady

Steady Adverb Synonyms: stabilize, hold fast, brace, secure, support, strengthen
Steady Verb Synonyms: calm, cool, balanced, equable, controlled
Steady Adjective Synonyms: devoted, firm, staunch, faithful, loyal, long-standing, inveterate, consistent, confirmed, persistent
Steady Noun Synonyms: stable, firm, solid, substantial, sound, stout, strong

Other Words for Steal

Steal Adverb Synonyms: take (away), appropriate, filch, shoplift, pilfer, purloin, make or walk off or away with, get away with, embezzle, misappropriate, peculate, lift, pinch, hook, snitch, borrow, boost, liberate, heist, hijack, swipe, nick, prig, hoi
Steal Verb Synonyms: bargain, (good) buy, give-away
Steal Noun Synonyms: plagiarize, pirate, copy, imitate, appropriate,urp, take

Other Words for Stealing

Stealing Verb Synonyms: theft, robbery, robbing, larceny, pilferage, shoplifting, poaching, embezzlement, peculation, thievery, thieving, filching, burglary, plagiarism, plagiarizing, piracy, pirating

Other Words for Stealth

Stealth Verb Synonyms: furtiveness, secrecy, clandestineness, surreptitiousness, sneakiness, slyness, underhandedness

Other Words for Stealthy

Stealthy Verb Synonyms: stealthful, furtive, secretive, secret, sly, clandestine, surreptitious, sneaky, sneaking, skulking, covert, undercover, underhand(ed), backstairs, hugger-mugger, closet

Other Words for Steamy

Steamy Noun Synonyms: humid, steaming, damp, moist, muggy, sticky, dank, sweaty, sweltering, sodden, sultry, boiling, wet

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