Other Words for Scale Up

Scale Up Noun Synonyms: increase, enlarge, raise

Other Words for Scales

Scales Adverb Synonyms: balance

Other Words for Scaly

Scaly Verb Synonyms: rough, imbricated, shingly, lamellar, laminar, lamellate, scutate

Other Words for Scan

Scan Adjective Synonyms: study, pore over, examine, investigate, scrutinize, inspect, delve into, research, explore (in depth), sweep, con
Scan Verb Synonyms: glance at or through, look over, skim, read over, flip or thumb or leaf through

Other Words for Scandal

Scandal Noun Synonyms: slander, libel, aspersion, innuendo, insinuation, abuse, dirt, defilement, defamation, slur, smear, taint, blemish, spot, stigma, smirch, black mark or spot, blot (on the escutcheon), (badge of) infamy, skeleton in the cupboard, blot on one's copyboo
Scandal Verb Synonyms: shame, disgrace, embarrassment, sin, outrage

Other Words for Scandalize

Scandalize Noun Synonyms: appal, shock, outrage, affront, offend, horrify, upset, disturb, rankle, stick in (someone's) craw or throat, gall

Other Words for Scandalous

Scandalous Noun Synonyms: shocking, disgraceful, ignominious, improper, indecorous, unseemly, infamous, outrageous, shameful, immodest, dishonorable, disreputable, sordid, despicable, flagitious, wicked, sinful, evil, iniquitous, profligate, immoral, indecent, lewd, lascivious, lu

Other Words for Scanty

Scanty Verb Synonyms: scant, sparse, scarce, little, meager, minimal, barely adequate or sufficient, limited, restricted, measly
Scanty Adjective Synonyms: skimpy, short, small, sparse, minimal, meager, in short supply, thin on the ground

Other Words for Scapegoat

Scapegoat Adjective Synonyms: victim, front, dupe, gull, cat's-paw, whipping-boy, man of straw, Aunt Sally, straw man, fall guy, sucker

Other Words for Scar

Scar Adjective Synonyms: blemish, mark, damage, disfigurement, wound, injury, scratch, mar, cut, burn, brand, cicatrix

Other Words for Scarce

Scarce Noun Synonyms: scanty, scant, insufficient, inadequate, deficient, wanting, lacking, rare, unusual, at a premium, in short supply, meager, few and far between, seldom met with, hard to come by, thin on the ground

Other Words for Scarcely

Scarcely Verb Synonyms: (probably or certainly or surely or definitely) not, in no way, not at all, not in the least, by no means, on no account, under no circumstances, nowise, noway
Scarcely Noun Synonyms: hardly, barely, (only) just, not quite

Other Words for Scarcity

Scarcity Adjective Synonyms: lack, want, need, paucity, dearth, insufficiency, shortage, inadequacy, inadequateness

Other Words for Scare

Scare Noun Synonyms: fright, shock, surprise, start
Scare Adverb Synonyms: frighten, alarm, startle, shock, dismay, daunt, appal, give (someone) a shock or a fright, terrify, terrorize, threaten, menace, cow, intimidate, horrify, spook, scare the pants off, scare the life or the living daylights or the hel

Other Words for Scare Up

Scare Up Adverb Synonyms: scrape together or up, find, gather, collect, raise, dig up, get, come by, scrounge (up)

Other Words for Scared

Scared Verb Synonyms: frightened, alarmed, afraid, appalled, shocked, terrified, horrified, startled

Other Words for Scary

Scary Verb Synonyms: frightening, eerie, terrifying, frightful, hair-raising, unnerving, blood-curdling, horrifying, spine-chilling, intimidating, daunting, horrendous, horrid, horrible, creepy, crawly, spooky

Other Words for Scathing

Scathing Noun Synonyms: searing, withering, damaging, harmful, severe, harsh, stern, nasty, biting, acrid, acrimonious, mordant, incisive, cutting, sharp, keen, virulent, vitriolic, acid, scorching, burning, fierce, savage, ferocious

Other Words for Scatter

Scatter Adjective Synonyms: spread, diffuse, shower, litter, sprinkle, strew, circulate, distribute, disseminate, sow, broadcast

Other Words for Scatterbrained

Scatterbrained Adjective Synonyms: hare-brained, rattle-headed, rattle-brained, frivolous, flibbertigibbet, giddy, dazed, flighty, wool-gathering, dippy, dizzy, dopey or dopy, slap-happy

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