Other Words for Sterilize

Sterilize Verb Synonyms: purify, disinfect, cleanse, clean, fumigate, depurate, autoclave
Sterilize Adjective Synonyms: castrate (males), emasculate (males), geld (horses), spay (female animals), alter (animals), neuter (animals), caponize (male fowl), eunuchize (males), ovariectomize (females), vasectomize (males), fix (animals), cut (male animals),

Other Words for Sterling

Sterling Adjective Synonyms: genuine, authentic, real, true, pure

Other Words for Stern

Stern Adjective Synonyms: austere, severe, strict, stringent, demanding, critical, rigid, rigorous, flinty, steely, authoritarian, uncompromising, hard, tough, inflexible, firm, immovable, unmoved, unrelenting, unremitting, steadfast, resolute, determined, unyielding, adamant, ada
Stern Verb Synonyms: serious, frowning, grim, forbidding, grave, gloomy, dour, sombre, saturnine, lugubrious, gruff, taciturn, crabby, crabbed, crusty, churlish, sour

Other Words for Stew

Stew Verb Synonyms: gallimaufry, goulash, salmagundi, hash, mess, olla podrida, olio, mixture, mishmash, hotchpotch, also hodgepodge
Stew Adjective Synonyms: state of excitement or alarm or anxiety, dither, pother, bother, lather, sweat, tizzy, state

Other Words for Stick

Stick Adjective Synonyms: pierce, thrust, stab, transfix, pin, spike, impale, spear, spit, run through, poke, gore, jab, prick, puncture, punch, penetrate, drill, bore, riddle, perforate
Stick Verb Synonyms: linger, dwell, remain (fixed), continue, stay, be or become lodged or stopped or fixed or fast or immovable or stationary, be or become entangled or enmired or bogged down
Stick Noun Synonyms: put, drop, place, deposit, shove, plonk, plunk, plop

Other Words for Stick Around

Stick Around Verb Synonyms: wait, tarry, linger, stay, stand by, remain, hang around or about or on

Other Words for Stick By

Stick By Verb Synonyms: support, be loyal or faithful to, stand by

Other Words for Stick It Out

Stick It Out Verb Synonyms: persevere, persist, stand fast, bear it, be resolute, soldier on, hold (one's) ground, grin and bear it, see it through, weather it, tough it out

Other Words for Stick Out

Stick Out Verb Synonyms: protrude, jut (out), extend, project, poke (out), bulge, obtrude, stand out, overhang, beetle

Other Words for Stick Together

Stick Together Verb Synonyms: unite, unify, join (forces), consolidate, merge, confederate, amalgamate, cooperate, work together

Other Words for Stick Up

Stick Up Verb Synonyms: rob, mug, hold up, heist

Other Words for Stick Up For

Stick Up For Verb Synonyms: rally to the support of, support, stand by or up for, defend, speak for or in behalf of, take up the cudgels for, put one's money where one's mouth is, have the courage of one's convictions

Other Words for Stick With

Stick With Verb Synonyms: persevere, persist, stay or remain or continue with, not change one's mind about

Other Words for Stick-In-The-Mud

Stick-In-The-Mud Noun Synonyms: (old) fogy or fogey, conservative, anachronism, fuddy-duddy, fossil, square, back number

Other Words for Sticks

Sticks Verb Synonyms: the country, the provinces, the countryside, the backwoods, the bush, the hinterland or the hinterlands, the outback, the boondocks, the boonies

Other Words for Sticky

Sticky Noun Synonyms: gluey, gummy, viscous, tacky, glutinous, viscid, gooey

Other Words for Stiff

Stiff Noun Synonyms: firm, rigid, inelastic, unbending, inflexible, hard, unbendable, tough, solid, solidified, stiffened, unyielding,tle
Stiff Adjective Synonyms: strong, potent, powerful, overpowering, alcoholic

Other Words for Stiffen

Stiffen Adjective Synonyms: thicken, coagulate, clot, harden, jell, set, solidify, congeal, crystallize

Other Words for Stifle

Stifle Verb Synonyms: destroy, crush, demolish, extinguish, stamp out, kill, quash, silence, stop, check
Stifle Noun Synonyms: suffocate, smother, choke, strangle, throttle, asphyxiate

Other Words for Stigma

Stigma Verb Synonyms: brand, (bad) mark, blot, smirch, stain, spot, taint, blemish, demerit, blot on the escutcheon, blot in one's copybook

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