Other Words for Stigmatize

Stigmatize Verb Synonyms: brand, mark, scar, blemish, besmirch, sully, disparage, depreciate, denounce, condemn, calumniate, defame, pillory, slander

Other Words for Still

Still Verb Synonyms: quiet, serene, placid, calm, tranquil, motionless, unmoving, peaceful, pacific, at rest, quiescent, even, flat, smooth, inert, stationary, undisturbed, unruffled
Still Adverb Synonyms: calm, allay, assuage, alleviate, relieve, silence, lull, quiet(en), pacify, soothe, mollify, appease, subdue, suppress
Still Adjective Synonyms: notwithstanding, yet, even then
Still Noun Synonyms: stillness, hush, quiet, silence, tranquillity, noiselessness, peacefulness, calm

Other Words for Stilted

Stilted Adverb Synonyms: awkward, ungraceful, graceless, clumsy, wooden, stiff, turgid, affected, artificial, unnatural, mannered, laboured, pretentious, formal, pompous, lofty, bombastic, grandiloquent, high-flown, inflated

Other Words for Stimulant

Stimulant Adverb Synonyms: stimulus, incentive, provocation, spur, prompt, goad, urge, prod, fillip, impetus, incitement, drive, impulse, push, pull, draw
Stimulant Conjunction Synonyms: energizer, antidepressant, tonic, restorative, bracer, pick-me-up, shot in the arm, pep pill, upper, bennie, speed

Other Words for Stimulate

Stimulate Adjective Synonyms: increase, encourage, prompt, provoke, quicken
Stimulate Verb Synonyms: rouse, arouse, waken, awaken, wake up, excite, incite, inspire, encourage, spur, quicken, fire, fuel, nourish, activate, whip or stir up, goad, galvanize, jolt, inspirit

Other Words for Stimulating

Stimulating Noun Synonyms: exciting, inspirational, inspiring, arousing, stirring, animating, exhilarating, provocative, thought-provoking

Other Words for Sting

Sting Noun Synonyms: prick, stab, pierce, stick, bite
Sting Adjective Synonyms: cheat, overcharge, swindle, fleece, defraud, rob, soak, rip off, take for a ride
Sting Verb Synonyms: hurt, wound, pain, injure, distress, nettle, cut to the quick

Other Words for Stinker

Stinker Verb Synonyms: wretch, villain, scoundrel, cad, heel, beast, cur, viper, snake in the grass, skunk, swine, polecat, Rather blackguard, rogue, knave, varlet, dastard, (base) caitiff, stinkpot, louse, creep, rat, nasty piece of work, sod,

Other Words for Stinking

Stinking Verb Synonyms: foul-smelling, smelly, fetid or foetid, mephitic, rank, noisome, malodorous, reeking, putrid, miasmal or miasmatic(al) or miasmic, rancid, gamy, pongy, whiffy

Other Words for Stint

Stint Noun Synonyms: share, quota, allotment, bit, assignment, stretch, shift, term, time, job, chore, task, routine, turn, tour, duty, responsibility, obligation, charge
Stint Adjective Synonyms: control, curb, limit, limitation, restriction, check, restraint, constraint, condition, qualification, reservation

Other Words for Stipend

Stipend Noun Synonyms: pay, salary, payment, remuneration, remittance, recompense, compensation, reward, emolument, earnings, income, grant, subvention, scholarship, subsidy, allowance, allotment, (financial) support

Other Words for Stipulate

Stipulate Noun Synonyms: specify, demand, require, covenant, set forth, agree (to), provide (for), guarantee, warrant, promise, insist (upon or on), call for

Other Words for Stipulation

Stipulation Verb Synonyms: condition, demand, essential, given, requirement, requisite, prerequisite, specification, undertaking, obligation, covenant, clause, proviso, term, agreement, provision, guarantee, warranty, promise

Other Words for Stir

Stir Noun Synonyms: move, rise, arise, get up, bestir (oneself), be up and about, get a move on, get moving, get a wiggle on, shake a leg, look or step lively, look alive, stir one's stumps
Stir Verb Synonyms: disturb, trouble, affect, upset, stimulate, activate

Other Words for Stir Up

Stir Up Noun Synonyms: motivate, encourage, stimulate, energize, galvanize, electrify, animate, excite, inspire, provoke, move, rouse, arouse, get, prompt, urge, incite, spur, prod, induce, persuade, convince
Stir Up Verb Synonyms: agitate, shake (up), mix (up), scramble, amalgamate, mingle, commingle, intermingle, merge, blend, fold (in), churn (up), beat, whip (up)

Other Words for Stirring

Stirring Verb Synonyms: moving, telling, emotional, emotive, emotion-charged, rousing, stimulating, inspiring, gripping, evocative, exciting, thrilling, melodramatic, dramatic, heady, intoxicating, spirited, inspiriting, exhilarating, awe-inspiring

Other Words for Stock

Stock Noun Synonyms: pedigree, bloodline, house, dynasty, (line of) descent, genealogy, extraction, roots, lineage, family, ancestry, parentage, breeding, heritage
Stock Adjective Synonyms: livestock, (domestic or farm) animals, cattle, beasts, horses, cows, oxen, sheep, goats
Stock Verb Synonyms: supply, store, inventory, stockpile, reserve, reservoir, cache, hoard, wares, merchandise, goods, selection, assortment, range, variety, array

Other Words for Stock Up

Stock Up Noun Synonyms: accumulate, amass, pile up, stockpile, hoard, store (up), cache, lay in, inventory

Other Words for Stocky

Stocky Adjective Synonyms: thickset, sturdy, chunky, dumpy, solid, stumpy, burly, beefy, heavy-set, squat, pyknic, mesomorphic

Other Words for Stodgy

Stodgy Adjective Synonyms: stuffy, dull, heavy, ponderous, elephantine, boring, tedious, humdrum, tiresome, turgid, uninteresting, unimaginative, dry-as-dust, jejune, vapid, dreary, flat, colourless, bland, ho-hum, blah, deadly

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