Other Words for Stoical

Stoical Verb Synonyms: stoic, impassive, resigned, apathetic, cool, unemotional, emotionless, frigid, imperturbable, calm, dispassionate, indifferent, phlegmatic, long-suffering, stolid, disciplined, self-possessed, (self-)controlled, unflappable

Other Words for Stoicism

Stoicism Verb Synonyms: indifference, self-possession, austerity, self-control, fortitude, calmness, calm, coolness, imperturbability, longanimity, forbearance, patience, fatalism, resignation, unflappability

Other Words for Stole

Stole Adjective Synonyms: tippet, scarf, boa, shawl

Other Words for Stolid

Stolid Adjective Synonyms: impassive, dull, doltish, obtuse, thick, dense, bovine, wooden, slow, lumpish, unemotional, clod-like, phlegmatic, lethargic, apathetic, indifferent, uninterested

Other Words for Stomach

Stomach Noun Synonyms: tolerance, taste, appetite, desire, hunger, thirst, craving, need, inclination, relish, longing, yearning, hankering
Stomach Adjective Synonyms: abdomen, belly, gut, pot-belly, pot, paunch, corporation, bay window, tummy, bread basket, spare tire

Other Words for Stony

Stony Noun Synonyms: stoney, hard, obdurate, adamant, adamantine, heartless, stony-hearted, hard-hearted, indifferent, unsympathetic, implacable, intractable, heartless, insensitive, insensible, unfeeling, unsentimental, merciless, pitiless, cold, cold-hearted, chilly, frigid
Stony Adjective Synonyms: stoney, rocky, pebbly, shingly, shingled

Other Words for Stoop

Stoop Adjective Synonyms: hunch, slouch, scrunch, crouch, stooping, slouching, lordosis, curvature of the spine, torticollis, wryneck

Other Words for Stoop Down

Stoop Down Verb Synonyms: bend (down), bow, duck (down), lean (down), hunch (down), hunker (down), crouch (down), scrunch down

Other Words for Stoop Low

Stoop Low Adjective Synonyms: condescend, deign, lower or abase or degrade oneself, sink, humble oneself, be demeaned or diminished

Other Words for Stop

Stop Noun Synonyms: pause, break, take a break, interrupt, tarry, sojourn, rest, stay, put up, lodge, visit, stop off or in or over, pull over, pull up
Stop Adjective Synonyms: discontinue, halt, terminate, cease, break off, end, put an end or a stop to, bring to a stop or a halt or an end or a close, give up, quit, leave off, finish, conclude, desist, refrain, abandon, draw to a close, be over, come to a stop or a
Stop Verb Synonyms: peter out, be over, end

Other Words for Stop Up

Stop Up Verb Synonyms: obstruct, block (up), jam (up), plug (up), clog (up), choke (up), stuff (up), fill (up), close (up or off)

Other Words for Stopgap

Stopgap Noun Synonyms: makeshift, improvisation, substitute

Other Words for Stopper

Stopper Noun Synonyms: stopple, cork, plug, bung

Other Words for Store

Store Adjective Synonyms: supply, inventory, collection, accumulation, stock, stockpile, reservoir, cache, fund
Store Noun Synonyms: stock, collect, accumulate, put by, lay away, set aside, pile (up), aggregate, amass, cumulate, hoard, assemble

Other Words for Storehouse

Storehouse Verb Synonyms: warehouse, depository or depositary, repository, storeroom, bank, store, (In Asia) godown, arsenal, magazine, armoury

Other Words for Storey

Storey Noun Synonyms: floor, level, tier, story

Other Words for Storm

Storm Noun Synonyms: tempest, disturbance, turbulence, wind-storm, mistral, gale, whirlwind, hurricane, tornado, typhoon, cyclone, williwaw, shower, cloudburst, downpour, rainstorm, deluge, monsoon, thunder-shower, thunderstorm, electrical storm, dust-storm, s

Other Words for Stormy

Stormy Noun Synonyms: violent, tempestuous, blustery, turbulent, wild, howling, raging, roaring, foul, nasty, bad, not fit for man or beast, inclement
Stormy Verb Synonyms: violent, tempestuous, turbulent, fierce, fiery, frantic, frenetic, nerve-racking or nerve-wracking, frenzied, feverish, raving, wild

Other Words for Story

Story Adjective Synonyms: story-line, plot, scenario, (plot) outline, summary, book
Story Verb Synonyms: narrative, tale, recounting, anecdote, yarn, account, recital, chronicle, record, history, legend, myth, fairy tale or story, romance, gest or geste, fable, fabliau, epic, saga, Edda, joke, gag, mystery, detective story, whodunit, thriller, horror

Other Words for Stout

Stout Noun Synonyms: fat, obese, tubby, overweight, thickset, heavy-set, big, burly, corpulent, fleshy, heavy, plump, portly

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