Other Words for Stow

Stow Adjective Synonyms: pack, store, load, deposit, put (away), place, cram, stuff, wedge, bundle, jam, hide, secrete, conceal, cache, stash (away)

Other Words for Straggle

Straggle Adjective Synonyms: stray, ramble, loiter, rove, prowl, range, drift, wander, meander, (be) spread, mosey

Other Words for Straight

Straight Verb Synonyms: even, square, true, right, flat, smooth, horizontal, level
Straight Adjective Synonyms: direct, unbending, undeviating, uncurved, regular, linear

Other Words for Straight Away

Straight Away Adjective Synonyms: immediately, at once, without delay, instantly, summarily, directly, right (away or off), right off the bat, promptly, (= 'pretty damned quick')

Other Words for Straight From The Shoulder

Straight From The Shoulder Noun Synonyms: directly, straightforwardly, candidly, frankly, honestly, openly, unabashedly, unashamedly, unambiguously, unequivocally, plainly, bluntly, man to man, (with) no holds barred, outright, without beating about the bush, wi

Other Words for Straight Out

Straight Out Adjective Synonyms: directly, unequivocally, unambiguously, forthrightly, straightforwardly, point-blank, candidly, plainly, simply, in plain or simple English, explicitly, outright, honestly, accurately

Other Words for Straight Up

Straight Up Adverb Synonyms: without ice, plain, no extras

Other Words for Straighten Out

Straighten Out Adverb Synonyms: uncurl, untangle, disentangle, unsnarl, unravel, unkink, clear (up), settle, resolve, sort out, set or put straight or right or to rights, correct, adjust, rectify

Other Words for Straighten Up

Straighten Up Adverb Synonyms: tidy (up), arrange, rearrange, neaten, spruce up, put in order, clean (up)

Other Words for Strain

Strain Verb Synonyms: push, pull, tug, heave, stretch, twist, wrench, struggle
Strain Noun Synonyms: family, stock, ancestry, roots, extraction, derivation, (family) background, heritage, descent, parentage, lineage, pedigree, bloodline, race, line, descendants
Strain Adverb Synonyms: stretch, force, tax, overtax, burden, overburden, overwork, push, exceed, surpass

Other Words for Strained

Strained Noun Synonyms: laboured, forced, artificial, stiff, tense, awkward, uneasy, uncomfortable, difficult, tension-ridden, self-conscious, unnatural, insincere, put-on

Other Words for Strains

Strains Verb Synonyms: air, melody, tune, song, sound, music

Other Words for Strait

Strait Noun Synonyms: narrow, tight, constricted, constricting, confining, confined, restricting, restricted, limited, limiting, rigorous, demanding, exacting, difficult, straitened

Other Words for Strait-Laced

Strait-Laced Adjective Synonyms: priggish, prim, conservative, old-fashioned, Victorian, old-maidish, proper, prudish, puritanical, moralistic, strict, narrow-minded, (over-)scrupulous, fussy, pernickety or also persnickety, stuffy, goody-goody

Other Words for Straitened

Straitened Adjective Synonyms: inadequate, insufficient, reduced, oppressed, distressed, needy, necessitous, poor, poverty-stricken, indigent, impoverished, destitute, penniless, insolvent, hard up, strapped

Other Words for Straits

Straits Noun Synonyms: narrows, channel

Other Words for Strange

Strange Noun Synonyms: odd, peculiar, bizarre, weird, curious, uncommon, unusual, rare, singular, exceptional, eccentric, weird, funny, quaint, fantastic, out of the ordinary, extraordinary, out-of-the-way, queer, outlandish, unheard-of, grotesque, abnormal, remarkable, surpris

Other Words for Stranger

Stranger Adjective Synonyms: foreigner, outlander, alien, newcomer, visitor

Other Words for Stratagem

Stratagem Adjective Synonyms: trick, artifice, device, dodge, subterfuge, lure, wile, ruse, plan, scheme, plot, intrigue, maneuver, ploy, tactic

Other Words for Strategic

Strategic Adjective Synonyms: tactical, key, crucial, principal, cardinal, critical, vital, key

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