Other Words for Strategy

Strategy Adjective Synonyms: plan, tactic(s), design, policy, procedure, scheme, blueprint, game or master plan, scenario

Other Words for Stratum

Stratum Noun Synonyms: layer, level, stratification, table, vein, seam, plane

Other Words for Stray

Stray Noun Synonyms: deviate, diverge, wander, digress, ramble, divagate, get or go off the track or subject, go off on or at a tangent, get sidetracked
Stray Adjective Synonyms: wander, roam, rove, range, straggle, drift, meander
Stray Verb Synonyms: random, casual, chance, accidental, haphazard, singular, freak, accidental, unexpected

Other Words for Streak

Streak Noun Synonyms: stripe, striation, strip, stroke, bar, band, line, mark, smear, slash, dash, touch, daub, fleck, trace, vein, layer, seam, stratum
Streak Adjective Synonyms: flash, bolt

Other Words for Stream

Stream Verb Synonyms: flow, rush, swarm, tide, flood, deluge, succession, series, row, line, string, chain, barrage, queue
Stream Noun Synonyms: brook, brooklet, streamlet, rivulet, tributary, river, freshet, run, watercourse, waterway, channel, literary rill, runnel, N beck, burn, NE except in placenames kill, creek, branch

Other Words for Streamer

Streamer Noun Synonyms: pennant, banner, pennon, flag, bannerette or banneret, banderole or banderol or bannerol, gonfalon or gonfanon, jack, burgee

Other Words for Streamlined

Streamlined Noun Synonyms: aerodynamic, hydrodynamic, curved, curvilinear, smooth, flowing
Streamlined Verb Synonyms: modern, ultra-modern, modernistic, modernized, up to date, time-saving, labour-saving, compact, (well-)organized, efficient, automated

Other Words for Street

Street Noun Synonyms: thoroughfare, way, road, roadway, high road, avenue, concourse, boulevard, lane, drive, terrace, circle, row, passage, alley, byway

Other Words for Strength

Strength Noun Synonyms: concentration, concentratedness, intensity, potency
Strength Adjective Synonyms: power, might, force, mightiness, robustness, toughness, stoutness, sturdiness, brawn, brawniness, muscle, sinew

Other Words for Strengthen

Strengthen Noun Synonyms: reinforce, renew, bolster, fortify, support, confirm, corroborate, substantiate, buttress, step up, boost

Other Words for Strenuous

Strenuous Noun Synonyms: demanding, taxing, tough, arduous, laborious, toilsome, burdensome, tiring, exhausting, difficult, hard, uphill

Other Words for Stress

Stress Verb Synonyms: emphasis, force, pressure, forcefulness, accent, accentuation, prominence, ictus
Stress Adjective Synonyms: (stress and) strain, burden, anxiety, worry, distress, pain, grief, suffering, anguish, pressure, tenseness, tension
Stress Noun Synonyms: strain, put under strain or stress, upset, disturb, burden, worry, distress, pressurize or pressure

Other Words for Stretch

Stretch Verb Synonyms: overtax, overextend, warp, strain, distort, bend, break
Stretch Noun Synonyms: extend, reach, span, spread

Other Words for Strew

Strew Verb Synonyms: scatter, bestrew, sprinkle, disperse, spread, toss, distribute, litter

Other Words for Stricken

Stricken Noun Synonyms: affected (by), smitten (by), overwhelmed (by or with), overcome (by or with), plagued (by or with), tormented (by), broken, crushed, demoralized, broken-hearted, grief-stricken

Other Words for Stricken By

Stricken By Noun Synonyms: struck (down) (by), hit (by), laid low (by or with), affected (by or with), afflicted (with), racked (by or with)

Other Words for Strict

Strict Verb Synonyms: severe, austere, authoritarian, autocratic, stern, firm, hard, tough, uncompromising, inflexible, cold-blooded, iron-fisted, tyrannical, harsh, ruthless, pitiless, unsympathetic
Strict Noun Synonyms: rigorous, narrow, close, undeviating, confining, constricting, constrictive, rigid, defined, precise, exact, exacting, stringent, meticulous, compulsive, punctilious, finicky or finical, scrupulous, attentive, conscientious, faithful, thorough, complete

Other Words for Stricture

Stricture Adjective Synonyms: interdiction, blockage, restriction, restraint, constraint, deterrent, impediment

Other Words for Strident

Strident Adjective Synonyms: shrill, raucous, harsh, loud, grating, stridulous, stridulant, scraping, scratching, scratchy, grinding, hoarse, rough, guttural, husky, gravelly, rasping, jarring, discordant, unharmonious, unmelodious, unmusical, cacophonous, croaking, creaking

Other Words for Strife

Strife Noun Synonyms: animosity, friction, hard feelings, bad feeling(s), bad blood, antagonism, ill will, hatred, enmity, hostility, unfriendliness
Strife Adjective Synonyms: discord, disharmony, disagreement, difference, conflict, rivalry, competition, contention, dispute, dissension, struggle, squabbling, bickering, arguing, quarrelling

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