Other Words for Strike

Strike Noun Synonyms: hit, deal a blow to, knock, smack, thump, thwack, crown, cuff, punch, smite, beat, hammer, belabour, batter, pummel or pommel, pelt, buffet, thrash, cudgel, bludgeon, club, whip, horsewhip, scourge, lash, cane, flog, birch, slap, wallop, slug, whac
Strike Verb Synonyms: light, ignite
Strike Adjective Synonyms: deliver, deal, aim, direct

Other Words for Strike Down

Strike Down Verb Synonyms: afflict, affect, attack, indispose, incapacitate, disable, cripple, invalid

Other Words for Strike Off

Strike Off Verb Synonyms: obliterate, expunge, erase, eradicate, blot out, delete, scratch, eliminate, rub out, cross (out), cancel, wipe out, x out

Other Words for Strike On

Strike On Verb Synonyms: dream up, devise, conjure up, improvise, work out, invent, contrive, come up with, hit on or upon, arrive at

Other Words for Strike Out

Strike Out Verb Synonyms: fail, get nowhere, miss the boat, flop, come a cropper, blow it, blow the gaff, come to nothing or naught

Other Words for Strike Up

Strike Up Verb Synonyms: (cause to) begin or start or commence

Other Words for Striking

Striking Verb Synonyms: remarkable, astounding, astonishing, amazing, wondrous, awe-inspiring, awesome, stunning, impressive, imposing, fabulous, out of the ordinary, unusual, rare, exceptional, marvelous, extraordinary, magnificent, superb, splendid, stupendous, great, s

Other Words for String

String Verb Synonyms: line, cord, thread, twine, fibre, rope, cable, ligament, strand, filament
String Noun Synonyms: leash, lead, leader

Other Words for String Along

String Along Noun Synonyms: follow, go along (with), agree, concur, collaborate

Other Words for String Out

String Out Noun Synonyms: stretch, reach, extend

Other Words for String Together

String Together Noun Synonyms: loop, festoon, link, drape, suspend, sling, hang, array, concatenate, chain together

Other Words for String Up

String Up Verb Synonyms: hang, lynch

Other Words for Strings

Strings Noun Synonyms: conditions, stipulations, provisos, qualifications, requirements, prerequisites, terms, obligations, limitations, provisions, musts, catches

Other Words for Stringy

Stringy Verb Synonyms: fibrous, chewy, sinewy, gristly, ropy, leathery, tough

Other Words for Strip

Strip Verb Synonyms: band, ribbon, fillet, belt, swath or swathe, stripe
Strip Noun Synonyms: remove, take away, confiscate, seize, expropriate, rip off
Strip Adjective Synonyms: (do a) striptease, work the runway

Other Words for Stripe

Stripe Verb Synonyms: band, bar, striation, strip, streak, line, stroke, slash, length

Other Words for Striped

Striped Verb Synonyms: streaked, lined, striated

Other Words for Stripling

Stripling Verb Synonyms: lad, boy, adolescent, juvenile, minor, schoolboy, youngster, teenager, youth, young fellow or man, fledgling, gossoon, young 'un, hobbledehoy

Other Words for Strive

Strive Noun Synonyms: endeavour, strain, struggle, make every effort, attempt, try (hard), do one's best or utmost, exert oneself, work at, give (it) one's all, go all out

Other Words for Stroke

Stroke Adjective Synonyms: blow, rap, tap, thump, knock, smack, whack, swipe, slam, strike, wallop
Stroke Verb Synonyms: flourish, movement, gesture, mark, dash, splash
Stroke Noun Synonyms: action, motion, go, move, movement, feat, achievement

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