Other Words for Stump

Stump Verb Synonyms: stub, butt, end

Other Words for Stump Up

Stump Up Noun Synonyms: pay up or out, contribute, donate, cough up, chip in, shell or fork out

Other Words for Stun

Stun Verb Synonyms: astonish, daze, paralyse, stagger, stupefy, overcome, overwhelm, astound, jar, shock, jolt, strike dumb, amaze, confound, bewilder, take (someone's) breath away, shake up, bowl over, discombobulate, flabbergast
Stun Noun Synonyms: daze, numb, benumb, knock out

Other Words for Stunning

Stunning Verb Synonyms: stupefying, paralysing, staggering, benumbing, numbing, knockout

Other Words for Stunt

Stunt Noun Synonyms: caper, act, deed, feat, tour de force, exploit, trick, dido

Other Words for Stunted

Stunted Adjective Synonyms: dwarfed, shrunken, undersized, small, tiny, diminutive, little, wee

Other Words for Stupid

Stupid Noun Synonyms: foolish, silly, frivolous, asinine, hare-brained, crazy, insane, mad, crack-brained, scatterbrained, absurd, inane, idiotic, ridiculous, risible, laughable, ludicrous, nonsensical, senseless, bootless, irresponsible, irrational, ill-advised, foolhardy, ha
Stupid Adjective Synonyms: unintelligent, fatuous, obtuse, bovine, dull, dense, lumpish, doltish, simple, simple-minded, moronic, imbecilic, cretinous, Boeotian, subnormal, feeble-minded, weak-minded, stolid, dull-witted, dim, dim-witted, halfwitted, thick, thick-witted, thickheade
Stupid Verb Synonyms: insipid, dull, tedious, boring, tiresome, humdrum, prosaic, monotonous, unimaginative, uninspired, uninteresting, vapid, vacuous, ho-hum

Other Words for Stupidity

Stupidity Adjective Synonyms: fatuity, obtuseness, dullness, denseness, lumpishness, doltishness, simplicity, simple-mindedness, imbecility, cretinism, feeble-mindedness, weak-mindedness, stolidity, dull-wittedness, dimness, dim-wittedness, halfwittedness, thick-wittedness, slow-witte

Other Words for Stupor

Stupor Adjective Synonyms: insensibility, stupefaction, torpor, lethargy, listlessness, languor, laziness, lassitude, lifelessness, supineness, inertia, inertness, coma, trance, unconsciousness, numbness

Other Words for Sturdy

Sturdy Adjective Synonyms: strong, solid, stout, rugged, tough, well-built, substantial, strapping, muscular, powerful, brawny, burly, robust, well-muscled, athletic, hardy, husky, hefty
Sturdy Noun Synonyms: stalwart, staunch, steadfast, resolute, firm, vigorous, determined, uncompromising, unyielding, unwavering, unswerving, unfaltering, enduring, indomitable

Other Words for Style

Style Adjective Synonyms: luxury, high style, comfort, opulence, splendour, elegance
Style Noun Synonyms: type, kind, variety, category, genre, sort, manner, mode, make, design, fashion, look, period, pattern, configuration, line, cut, shape, form

Other Words for Stylish

Stylish Noun Synonyms: chic, fashionable, smart, modish, in style or fashion or vogue, elegant, chichi, in, with it, swanky, trendy, swell, neat, classy, snazzy, spiffy

Other Words for Stymie

Stymie Noun Synonyms: thwart, obstruct, block, frustrate, snooker, defeat, spike, ruin, foil, confound, stump, nonplus, hinder, impede, flummox

Other Words for Styptic

Styptic Verb Synonyms: astringent

Other Words for Suave

Suave Verb Synonyms: debonair, sophisticated, urbane, cosmopolitan, worldly, smooth, gracious, nonchalant, civilized, cultivated, courteous, diplomatic, polite, charming, agreeable, affable, bland

Other Words for Subconscious

Subconscious Verb Synonyms: (collective) unconscious, inner self, heart
Subconscious Adjective Synonyms: subliminal, unconscious, suppressed, hidden, latent, repressed, inner, innermost, underlying, deep-rooted, Freudian

Other Words for Subdue

Subdue Adjective Synonyms: put or beat down, quell, repress, suppress, quash, crush, control, master, overpower, gain mastery or control or the upper hand over, get the better of, dominate, triumph over, hold or keep in check, bridle, tame

Other Words for Subdued

Subdued Verb Synonyms: chastened, sober, sobered, solemn, saddened, dejected, sad, down in the mouth, crestfallen, downcast, grave, serious
Subdued Noun Synonyms: quiet, mellow(ed), toned down, moderate(d), tempered, hushed, muted, low-key, unenthusiastic, repressed, restrained, peaceful, tranquil, placid, calm(ed), temperate, reserved

Other Words for Subject

Subject Noun Synonyms: discussed, under discussion, referred to, above
Subject Adjective Synonyms: participant, case, guinea-pig, testee
Subject Verb Synonyms: (subject-)matter, topic, issue, theme, angle, thesis, gist, substance, business, affair, point

Other Words for Subject To

Subject To Noun Synonyms: exposed (to), open (to), vulnerable (to), susceptible (to), prone (to), disposed (to), at the mercy (of), liable (to suffer or undergo)

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